Level 15

I can't beat level 13.
I can only hold the planet for an indefenite(sp) period of time.

Melkor is all powerful.
Melkor is the leader.
Melkor...... IS

Could you be a little more specific? Is that the one where you fight the prophets? (shudder)

If so, the first thing I do is build an assult transport. Get both your carrier and your battleship to follow you, and build another gunship. By that time, the assault T. should be well on its way. Jump over to the station and attack it, but not alone. jump past it, and let your escorts help. Once it's been taken, you're in for the fight of your life. When the carriers drop in, just... well... kill them. It takes practace. Anyway, once you get the assault T onto the station, then you'll have supirior resources. Start cranking out gunboats, and hold the station. When you think you're ready, go for the planet!