Tournement Registration for 2/11/00

I think we all know what to do. Reply if you wanna be in this weeks tourney.

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I'll try and be there, but no promises, since I lost my keyboard. No bull, I lost the keyboard from my imac, I'm on my crummy 68k computer right now, so unless I can find it (although I think someone stole it, I forgot to lock my door today,) I wont be there. I'll try my damnedest to be there though, I'm actually skilled now.

In the next world war,
In a jack-knifed Juggernaut,
I am born again.

What time of day will the tourney be? If its early in the morning (3-5 amPST)ill be there. If not...

How does it work anyway?

Long Live Apple! Long Live the Mac!

I'll be there.(Macintosh Man it's 9PM EST)

I will not salute to a Ares Admiral.

The Warps.

yes the one's on Mtrek.

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I'll be there--although i strongly dought i could win two tournaments in a row....but i guess ya never know what could happen 🙂 :eek: