Multiplayer cheating

You CAN cheat in multiplayer, I've done it. If you want to cheat both players must put in the start cheating code, for 1.1.1 the code is ==gronk, for 1.1.0 it's !!suspend disbelief.

It seems that playing multi with cheats on is the big fad these days, but I personally don't see the point. I'd rather play a normal game, where I have to use my skillz.

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I agree. The point in a net game is to pit two people's strategic skills and combat abilities together, not to pit their typing abilities together.

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I know that it's fun to play normal, but sometimes cheating can be fun too. And I put this up because some people don't think you can cheat in mp.

bob u can't cheat---you've tried it with me all you can do is get gronk or suspend disbelief to work but you can't type in the other codes...

Plus i don't really like cheating-it ruins the game...

PS... 🙂 :frown: :redface: 😄 😉 😛 🆒 :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: 😕 .... i like these faces 🙂

I'be played bob on GR with cheats... heres a word of advice: NEVER EVER CHEAT ON MP!!! It totally screwed up that game!! my view was shifting around constantly!!! Cheating doesn't effect your score though. Here's how you enable cheats in MP (just to let you know. I personally hate it): you will get a message at the bottom of yours screen that says "(players name) wants to cheat" if if both players end up typing the same cheat, then it will be enabled for the rest of that game.

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