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Anyone here? 😛 Or has ATT repudiated any advancement in its defensive technology against the savage BnB hordes? er yeah, I think all the engineers went off to work for Marathon which made it to X and is now happily living in Leopard.
While we have ATT!

I'll admit, our weapons technologies are decades behind anything the BnB has to offer. I suggest going through the black market, or asking the Audemedons for some ships...

Decades behind is fine by me. Who cares if the grunts are fighting with sticks and stones so long has the leadership has nigh-limitless nuclear capability?

Well, it's not quite a decade since OS9 died, but we'll get ther soon enough!

I think I posted in the wrong topic.

Either that, or SA is screwing with me...

Possibly both.

Does anyone have an "angelic" themed smiley? Perhaps with a halo and/or wings?

I have several, but they don't come cheap.

Try google... you'll find just about anything there, including flying smilies no doubt.

That was a rhetorical device.