Ares Map Font?

Assistance would be appreciated.

Does anyone know exactly what the Ares map font is? It seems to be a rather obscure one; I flicked through all of the fonts in Adobe Photoshop while working on a map for a new addon I'm creating, and I couldn't find anything that was a match.

Consul Bob

They look like Helvetica to me...but I assume you've tried that already.

Here's some of the ones I got on IdentiFont (that showed up in the 30 I was limited to and looked somewhat like the Ares map font):

Agfa Rotis Sans Serif
Agfa Rotis Semisans
CG Heldustry
Helvetica Neue Condensed
Nimbus Sans
CG Triumvirate Condensed
Swiss 721

I don't know if any of them match though. It's probably not too rare a font.