Level 5

The first few levels are really easy, but once I got to level 5, it got hellishly hard. I keep getting annihlated before I have enough ships to mount a defense. Does anyone have anyone have a strategy that would help me have a shot at winning?


Huh? Chapter five is chapter three with flak drones. Unless you're getting completely mauled by the heavy destroyer - which would only happen if you build nothing but transports and engineering pods - you shouldn't have the slightest bit of trouble winning.


Some of us aren't as experienced as Your Highness and do have troubles so if you can't say anything positive, don't say anything at all! Does anyone have anything helpful to say?


Check out the Ares Axis Walkthough for (url="http://"http://www.axis.n3.net/walk/chap5.html")Chapter 5. If(/url) that doesn't help, I'm not sure what to suggest. If you're having trouble defending, I would recommend falling back to your mid flak drone. I don't believe the AI will babysit your planet for long.

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The very first thing you should do in this level is send your engineer pods (I think you start with two) out to the flak drone in the center. If you can take control of this and keep it, the gatori won't stand a chance.
Then, you must immediately build lots of cruisers to follow after you. If you constantly build these, then you can easily fight off the pitiful little gatori attacks. Eventually, you can turn the battle around. Build an engineer pod or two heading towards the flak drone at the enemy planet. To guarantee sucess, either send multiple pods or follow the pod to distract the gatori. Once you capture the flak drone, simply sit ontop of the gatori planet as you build a transport and wait for it to arrive. After the transport is build, you can go back to building cruisers so that the gatori ships won't stand a chance when they are built.


Hmm, notice the name of the level. Guess what CHapter 6 is? That's right, it's ...Into the Fire. You know what that means... 😉

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Thanks for the help! It took a while and a LOT of cruisers (most of which I guess were overkill), but I completed it. On to six...

(finally, a Veteran!)

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you know its funny when you are looking how to do something and the moment u go on the message board its first one the list 🙂