Has it been done?

When I used to browse these boards reguarly, people always talked about making an EV/O conversion for Ares. I left Ares in the dust pile after Hera's beta version was released and turned out to be so imposible to use. I was wondering if that has been done since I left.

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Sort of. EVNet has been available for a while. It has all 3 governments from EV: Confederation, Rebellion, and Independent. It's pretty nice, but it's just for network.

In the works is Ares: Override, a port of Override to Ares. It will have all the governments from EVO and singleplayer+net missions to use them in.

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Me and MadFax are working together on a conversion of EVO to ares. But I think you are welcome to make your own or make a EV one.

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No thanks, I'm not interesting in making a conversion, I just want to play one 😉

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This post was so shockingly irrelevant, and downright off-topic, that should you have read it, you would have simply shook your head at my ignominiousness. For that reason, I have relieved you of the burden of reading it.

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Umm....ok, thank you for your kind self-censorship.

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That reminds me...can someone help me with the starmap?

Unfortunately, I cant really transfer anything atm because of a broken ZIP drive and a computer without the Net. :frown:

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I seem to have a penchant for making irrelevant posts. Seriously, if my last one was irrelevant, then THIS one is shockingly unbelievably incredibly to the power of 5 you know more irrelevant. This is just so irrelevant, reading it would make you forget all about Ares, the conversion, even life itself.

Amen that I got here in time!

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I think I would have been more entertained to read your irrelevant post than your excuse as to why you deleted it.

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If you only knew how irrelevant it was... you would not say that.

it was about m:inv wasnt it? 🙂 what do you know, karma does have some effect, lol.

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So why cant i do it?

Now who's turning the topic into a M:inv conversation? It had nothing to do with Marathon invasion.


Originally posted by Pyro:
**what do you know, karma does have some effect, lol.


I'll have to pretend I didn't read that.


I was rather irrelevant in my first statement, but I'm afraid the second statement for which I apologised tops that. If you look at it closely, you may find out why.

Count Altair, how many of your 513 posts were spent in self-evaluation? In this topic you're batting 3 out of 5 (60%) so lets extrapolate.....307.8 out of 513 is still the ratio of 60% so is it fair to say that 307.8 of your posts are irrelevant?

(Granted, I realize this post is irrelevant too 😉 )

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That is what I would call 'chop-logic', Dr 🙂

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