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Um, I'm sorta a newbie, but I was reading the human carriers thing, and one person said getting Aud carriers suck! As far as I'm concerned, whenever I am Aud or Sal, I always get 1 or 2 Sal carriers or 2 Aud carriers. They simply rock! Aud carriers carry fighters(duh) which easily provide great distraction, and their trazer beam can blast a whole bunch of things out of space, as well as those Aud missiles which provide nasty covering fire. And Sal carriers... Well, what can I say? Goddamn annoying fighters, the luvverly T-Space bolt rod, and their pulse whatever. Whenever I'm defending and I build them, they always save my butt. Nuff said by a newbie.

Am I right, or am I right?

Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. 😉

First, Sal carriers. 1) They don't cloak, giving your opponant an easier time of finding you. 2) Their T-Bolt weapon sucks. It looks really immpressive, but it isn't significantly better than the turrets on smaller ships. Just keep moving against it and you'll be fine. Look at the stats, it only does 15 damage. Its fighters are good against human players, because of their color, but that doesn't phase the computer a bit, at least no more than other species fighters.

Aud Carriers are on the same level. Their weapon thing is nice, but weak. Its range is miserable, so any good HVD commander will zoom over, stay out of range, and blow it to pieces. If that doesn't happen, it might be a good investment, if it weren't for the fact that Aud Cruisers own everything. They're too fast to be hit by the Aud Carrier weapon, or its missles.

So while Carriers look immpressive, they aren't as powerful as they may seem. That said, they're great end-game defensive weapons. Plop one on a station, deploy all its fighters, and it won't be easily taken.

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One minor correction about the bolt rod. It does 15 damage PER SHOT. Do you know how many shots it can fire in a single burst? A DARN LOT. The first few times I played "Yo Ho Ho", I strayed too close and in about 10 seconds my HVD was ripped to shreds.