Constant terrible lag

It seems that whenever I play an Ares net game on GR, I end up with a lag of 9 or higher! I have an iMac rev. B, so I don't know why this should happen. The ISP is satellite-linked to the USA, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

Anyone have any idea why this might happen?


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I wonder about that too. I have a slow, old power pc macintosh performa and a 56k modem. I played 2 games last night. One was kinda slow, the other was worse. I figure my slow old computer couldbe part of the problem......but i wouldn't know much about this kinda stuff. It's something we should figure out. What influences the speed of these net games the most.? an interesting idea



I donno, but I never have games with lag. I have an iMac 333, and a Cable Internet connection. My games usually have a lag aroung 1-3.

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Check these things - they could cause lag.

1. Location - too far? Too bad.
2. Internet provider - a crammed provider can leave you with a tiny percentage of bandwidth. If your provider connection can't handle the data, it won't matter how studly your computer/connection is.
3. The opponent. It takes two to lag.
4. Settings. Some settings on the TCP/IP control panel change things - check for anything wierd here.
5. Dumb luck. Have you stepped under a ladder recently? While spilling salt on a black cat? And broken a mirror doing so? On Friday the 13th? Worth a shot. 😉

Also, if you have other devices on the same line as your modem, that can kill bandwith. Speaking of problems with lag, for about a month I haven't been able to host a game on my proper preferences, because whenever I do, the yellow lag setting is on either -9361 or 10265 (or something equally as idiotic). I try and change it down (takes at least 10 minutes) but whenever I start up again, there it is, back to an idiotic number. Is there any way I can either change the prefs and make them good again or make a new set of prefs with my kills, time, etc?


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I have a very slow internet connection, only 28.8kbps, but it only connects at 26.4kbps or 24kbps anyway. Even so, I only have lag problems once in a while, even when connecting with someone with DSL or Cable. I can't even get DSL in my area 'cause it's 30 miles away from the nearest major city, Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, sometimes people in California or even Finland don't have as much lag as those in Chicago. Oh, and by the way, my governor can beat up your governor! (Go Jesse!)

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Don't EVER have anything running in the background would be my advice, and don't forget to turn the music off, that can cause some problems.

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No, it's just something I made up on the spot. If you've read Bart Simpson's Guide to Life, it makes a lot of references to secret sauce, so I just thought it might be funny. I noticed that a lot of people here are EVers also. Ares is a lot like EV.

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"I have nothing to fear but secret sauce"