Its me isn't it..

Would I be right in saying that I have a big problem when I lag on a 128k ISDN connection on a G4 450.

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I don't think so. Even with my very slow 26.4kbps modem, I usually get a lag of 4 or better. Once when I was playing against someone with an DSL line there was a lag of 24 (ouch!).

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Most of the time, I get a lag of around 2. But sometimes I get outragious amounts of lag like 28. It's very rare for me though. I have an iMac 333 and a Cable connection.

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Lag is unruly, you can never predict it (unless you both have crappy machines/connections, then it is assured.) I have an iMac DV, and a 56k connection, and sometimes I lag extremely badly, but sometimes I have almost no lag. So basically, you can't ever tell when lag will strike next.

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