Possibility of registering?

I'm afraid I'm a little confused as to why registering is impossible. Okay, they've given up fixing the bugs. I can understand that. But the game is still playable on older operating systems, right? Why make it impossible for those people to finish the game?

Like I said, I can understand them giving up on fixing the bugs to make it compatible with later systems. But why not let people who have the older systems and ARE able to play it finish it? If nothing else, why not give a free code to people so they can keep playing and finish it? I can still play Pillars of Garendall on one of my older computers, and am willing to register it, so I'm very perplexed as to why people who CAN play it are unable to finish it. (if nothing else, how about giving out free licenses to it?)

You have some valid points to which I do not have any good answers. Only the administration for ASW has such answers. I believe PoG still works on Windows as well. Perhaps you could ask this question on Ambrosia Banter or Help on the way where you're more likely to get noticed by someone actually employed by the company. We moderators have no say on such matters. 😞

PoG does, indeed, work on Windows. It works beautifully well in Windows XP, and I believe I once suggested dropping PoG for OS X and selling registration codes for Mac OS 9 (I believe it still works in 9) and Windows. It would make a lot more money that way than sitting on a shelf collecting dust. 😞

Somebody once said that "the customer is always right," but don't quote me on that; I have no power over what goes on in Hector's office, so it's likely that PoG will be forgotten under a pile of dust.

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