Where do I go to find all the plugins for PoG? Bearing in mind I am too lazy to search for them myself.

Well I know you can'y get to the PoG plug-in page by navigating the ASW page but I think you can get to it through a direct link.. I lost all the plugs I downloaded since some one in this house accidentally threw away my games folder, also one of the reasons I lost alot of progress on my Ferazel level set... <_< Bah I'm just fuming... I don't have a direct link to the PoG plug page but I could have swore I saw some one else have it in their post once...

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Try this address: http://www.AmbrosiaS...pog/addons.html

From there you should be able to navigate to the complete list of plugins. 🙂

Now that I've downloaded them, I can't get them to work. PoG just freezes when I try to play it. Should I try putting one in at a time?

Okay, pardon me if I restate the obvious. I just want to make sure it's all done the right way.

Every downloaded plugin has to be unstuffed with Stuffit Expander first. You should end up with a plugin folder which contains the plugin plus some "Readmes" etc. Only the actual plugin gets placed in your game folder named "Plugins." This should be a folder with the plugin title which, itself, contains four items. They are: three folders named "Music", "Movies", and "Sounds" plus a file called "data001.dat".

If you are using an unregistered version of PoG, you can only use one plugin at a time. If you are lucky enough to have a registered copy you can put in as many plugins as you like, but I suggest starting with no more than eight or ten. In fact, it's difficult to know which plugin is affecting the game in what way until you become familiar with each of them. So it's probably best to use just one or two at the start.

Bear in mind that most of the quest-oriented plugins (ones that add to the story) take the player beyond the boundries of the unregistered game, and so cannot be completed. I'll sort some plugins out for you.

• Quest P's which can be played with an unregistered PoG
An Ancient Tomb
Gone Fishin'

• Quest P's which need a registered PoG to complete
Damsels in Distress
Legend of Mana'haraa
Spells Expander
World of Cha0s
- requires completion of Spells Expander before you can start this and both must be active for it to work.

• Useful non-quest P's (Note: Some of these are semi-cheats)
Bankers Guild
Dernath Merchant
The Mushroom Lady

Trinity is in a class by itself as it changes the identity of the player with each class (Conjurer, Swordsman, and Ranger) and each class has its own quests. I think the Ranger is the only class which requires going outside the unregistered boundries to find its special location.

All the rest are basically cheat plugins. Some are good, some are awful. I rarely use any that are not listed above. I hope that helps.

Ah! I see the light! Where do I get this Stuffit Expander?

@crazychick, on Feb 22 2007, 12:23 AM, said in Plugins.:

Where do I get this Stuffit Expander?

Since I don't know which operating system you are using, you will have to get the version which is right for your system. Type "Stuffit Expander" into your search engine and you will undoubtedly find their website. There are some versions for which they want money, but there is also a minimal version which is free.

I'm surprised you don't have it already because the download of PoG itself required unstuffing. Check "Find file" on your machine and see if it isn't already there. Once you have Stuffit installed, drag the "Pluginfile.sit" onto the Stuffit icon and it should automatically unstuff it. Anything you download which ends in ".sit" has to be unstuffed before use.

Post back if you still have trouble.

Thank you! No problems at present.