Admiral Grammaticus-please read

If you are still inserting new features into Ares 1.2.0, please consider doing SOMETHING with the score you get at the end of the level. Yeah, it's cool to have it just for personal reference, but it would be better for you to be able to have those scores actually serve a purpose (i.e. show off to your friends).

An idea would be that you can play the game in a "campaign" mode, where you play all of the levels in sequence, using a certain pilot, like EV in a sense. Then also have a "single battle" mode where you can go back and play any level that you have previously passed.

Although I have no clue how difficult this might be to program, please take what I am saying into consideration, and please let me know what you think.

Long Live Apple! Long Live the Mac!

You can already do all of that.

Thanks for the idea, but, no, I'm not adding any more features to Ares 1.2 at this time.