Why PoG?

Why did ambrosia stop selling pog? I mean I know why. But EV and EVO aren't mac os x compatible and they still sell those games, along with a lot of other games that don't work on osx or aren't intel compatible (uplink) why of all games did they stop selling pog and not the others?

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I don't think anyone on the boards knows, but it could be because they still think they can beat the bug, it does run on some versions of OSX, or they're not sure what to do now. I personally can't really just see them shoving the game in a box and not making it available to anyone ever again.

With my thinking you would have three possible out comes:
(1.) ASW fixes the bug and they re-release the game, everyone's happy.
(2.) ASW doesn't fix the bug but decieds to just release it to OS9 and some versions of OSX, some people are happy.
(3.) ASW gives up on the bug fix doesn't like freeware or just OS9 release and decides to just get rid of any eveidence that it was made and waits for everyone to move on and maybe play some of their other great games. No one's happy about it but what else is there to do? ASW owns the game and it's theirs to do with what they please.

Another problem if they released PoG and CS again is tech support. I thought I heard that there were other bugs in the game besides for the non-OSX compatabillty issue, and this would also meen that they would have to pump up this board some more (Moderating and such. Though I can't act like I know everything, I'm sure the moderators are doing their job even if we don't see them alot. EDIT: Not you ducky, or debra and any other mod I can't remeber. 😛 ).

I'de like to wonder what would happen if PoG and CS were released again but I don't wanna make it sound like it's going to be a sure thing again either.

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Still doesn't make sense, I mean, you can still register for much older games, but this game doesn't run on all versions of osx and they pull it, why can't they just let "The Buyer Beware" it's my money, why can't I just buy something regardless of whether it works or not, I don't want tech support, I just want to buy a product, it's not like they'd lose any money by continuing to sell it, I mean games that are made on cds I can understand, production costs etc., but here all they have to do is email a code after getting some money.

Well I know that PoG is code-registerable but with CS you have to have the CD and thick manual or I think your lost. But you made me think f something. (questions! yay!) Does ASW have copies of the maual and CD still unsold, and wouldn't they at least try to make a proffit by selling the extras (though it could be bad if it's limited supply)? Also I could see them just releasing PoG but one of the fun and interesting aspects of PoG was that you could create side missions, new items, ect. and that takes away some of the PoG magic. Though there allready are alot of great plug-ins for PoG and I don't know if anyone would make more. People probbaly will use CS for their own projects, for instance Debra is making her own game useing the CS engine. (I'm probally gonna buy it. :p)

Hmm, should said this earlyer but I don't think a mother (i.e. ASW) would send there kid with a cold (i.e. CS/PoG) to school. ASWs older games work fine (as far as I know).

Note: I love a good conversation but sometimes I think I talk to much for a mouse in a bright red helmet... And one more question (I know all you out there love'em) When was PoG/CS released and when did it cease to be buyable?

So what are the major bugs for PoG right now? :blink: I think that after ASW is done with DEFCON, they should just quickly fix the major bugs, so that PoG is just playable again (YAY :laugh: ), and leave all those minor bugs out. Possibly left to fix later.

Off the top of my head, known bugs include but are not limited too:

  • Complete (or practical, I can't remember which) inoperablity on OS X versions 10.4.0 and higher.

  • Inability to create new games on OS X versions 10.3.0 and higher.

I can't think of any more right now, but those by themselves are "blocker bugs" and pose a great challenge to fix. Since Ambrosia is a Macs first sort of company, they won't re-release PoG until these bugs are fixed. Since most of their customers run OS X 10.3.x or higher it would hurt their business if they released PoG as it is currently.

You've hit the nail on the head, JacaByte, but just as importantly, PoG was written to show off the capabilities of the Coldstone game engine. As such, the creation of plugins for PoG to extend its storyline was one of the touted features. Coldstone likewise does not function with the newer OS X versions and is not available in a PC version. Coldstone is far more riddled with bugs than PoG, and if CS can't be fixed, there is little point for ASW to do any work on PoG.

The horse has to come before the cart. The only chance PoG has is if Coldstone is functioning. Otherwise, it's just another game. One we all love, but there are other games that work. No work has been done on PoG to my knowledge because to do so requires a functioning Coldstone and that we don't have. In other words, PoG is just the cart. The horse is Coldstone, and the horse has died unless one is still using OS 8.5 to OS 9.2. Even then, the horse is sick.