i cant open the topic "HELP me"

'When you play with fire your gona get burned'
EM said about the Audemedon Gate ship well chasing Mags small vessal!

The topic "EV Fighter Duel" is also affected. I'm stumped.

_After the Alien wars, our civilisation was left in the stone ages. The core worlds were supposedly decimated, yet I cannot shake the horrible feeling that something has survived. _

-Polaris Confederacy Admiral Canaron,

I think the UBB script is filling up. Andrew might have to shut down for a while to expand the capacity. That's what happened to the PlanetNamek.com webboards anyway

Well whatever it is, it's spreading.

I have a plan so ingenius even an idiot could have devised it. On my command, we will line up our ships and fly straight into the enemy death-cannons clogging them with wreckage.

Stop Exploding you cowards!

I can't open the "Suicide" topic in the trash talk. And Eminem, hay is for horses. You mean hey for future reference.

(No, English is NOT my favorite subject, or even close)

ITS SPREADING SPREADING!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!



Someone should post this in either the Ambrosia Banter or the Just Help forums, or both. Just post a topic with a link here or repeat the problem there. Maybe Andrew or David know what is going on.

🆒 🆒 🙂 😉 🆒 🆒