How many left?

Who still plays PoG?

Just out of interest, who here actually plays PoG regularly? I do - mashing greeblies is so fun! (Kobolds are greeblies in our household. In case you were wondering...)

In all honesty I probably have not played the game in six months or more. However, I've played it enough so that the original character and the Trinity Swordsman and Ranger have all reached and exceeded level 32. My Conjurer has been played the most but Conjurers can only get to level 31 (although it takes more experience points to do that.) In essence, there's nowhere else to go without new plugins.

I've stopped work on two major plugins which were in progress still last spring. The other developers I know of have done the same. No plugin produced today could expect the 2000 or more downloads that Spells Expander or Damsels in Distress had. In truth, I haven't checked the addons page recently but last time I looked, the most recent plugins had 300+ downloads and I'm sure the player base is much smaller than that now. Since one can no longer register the game, the player base can only shrink at this point.

I do check this page regularly (it's my job) so that no reasonable question goes unanswered.

Like Ducky, I haven't played the game in quite some time (there's only so much one can do with a demo) however it still sits in my games folder gathering electric dust and even if ASW decides to finally pull the plug I doubt it will ever leave. Though if a rainbow of mega-tech suddenly decides shine down upon this game and it becomes register-able I'm gonna buy it faster than you can say "bug fix".

sigh I really wish ASW would put out the final world on this long winded game and finally break the suspense, but then again I don't really wanna see it disappear forever.

I have not played POG in a very long time. I thought that long ago when the first incompatibility issues where just starting to crop up we were told that all they had to do was recompile Coldstone with something called realbasic? Am I imagining things?


I used to be addicted to PoG. Then the OS X update came...

I've been checking this board for years, silently lurking and hoping. I keep coming back thinking there'd been a breakthrough, but no. I feel cheated after only getting a month or two out of the game before all the incompatabilities made it impossible to play.

I'm hoping that when I get an Intel Mac I can play it under Windows.

So sad that we'll never get it back.

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It's been far too long since I've been back here. Wow...
I occasionally play it on an old g4 iMac that was never updated, but now that I have my shiny new intel based, it's slipping from my selection. I still occasionally reminisce about my level 32 conjurer, with all the plugins, so that his arsenal was quite something. I remember moki, SoL... world of Cha0s.... sniffle. They had better update this game. I still view it as the best thing this company has ever developed.
My first ambrosia game.... I started playing it when I was 9 or ten, played it faithfully until the compatibility issues set in.


Hope someone remembers me. I was the 1.11 bug fix reporter for DiD, and I was a frequent pest for quite a period of time.

sorry I accidently poasted again, so im going to try to make the pog symbol in text 😛

| |
------ | |------
l l__l l
l___ / \l
<_____\ /
\ V /
\_ /
\ /
\ _ /

Im sorry that it sucks. E for effort tho

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I still play it (only that when I do, i cant save my progress <_< ) a couple times a weeks actully. 😛

I have thought of an idea also 😉 , but i dont know if it has been tried already. :blink:

For all of you luck people who still have an older iMac, or eMac that can start up in classic mode (in system preferences-start up disks-classic) (tiger and intel people, we're out of luck 😞 ) do that and try tp play PoG in classic mode. I haven't tried this yet because I have a newer iMac 😞 but someone could try and maybe it would work.

Just an idea 😉

I still play it faithfully. I also still haven't finished, despite being introduced to it almost three years ago. (I think. My memory is a little hazy on that score. I keep getting the feeling I've been playing it forever.)

I have mac os x 1.2.8, so I play it all the time 🆒 And if only I had coldstone I would constantly be making plugins, grrrrr. Sad that it's dying. I wish some rich bastard would just buy it from ambrosia/beenox and update it sniff

You can make plugins? :huh:

@crazychick, on Jan 29 2007, 08:19 PM, said in How many left?:

You can make plugins? :huh:

Anyone who has a registered copy of Coldstone and a Mac with OS 9 can make plugins. It's just not worth the effort anymore. After we find three people to beta test the plugin there won't be anyone else to play it.

(And I certainly do remember you, LabRat, and welcome back to the forum.)

Has anyone else noticed there is no 'Fast Reply' option? Doesn't look like this section of the web boards was updated. Maybe they're giving us a hint.

@rubber-ducky, on Jan 6 2007, 03:53 PM, said in How many left?:

Since one can no longer register the game, the player base can only shrink at this point.

If no one can register the game and Ambrosia doesn't stand to make any profits off of PoG, why don't they just release it as freeware?

That is a good point.

Maybe because just as we hold a hope that one day we'll be able to fully play PoG and Cold Stone, they also hope that some day they'll be able to pull a proffit off the two. Though they could make a little proffit if they just release it as OS9 only. (Second time I've said this.)

ASW has allready released the source to their game Maelstrom and I found a free ware version of it on the apple down load page labled as "freeware". How ever ASW still puts a price on it, even though it can be made over again. The point is I think ASW likes to make a proffit, so freeware probally won't happen.

Hey what ever happened to the highly trained monkey that went to work on fixing the major bug in PoG and Cold Stone? :huh:

Has ASW dedicated all their time to DEFCON, and maybe some other work we don't know about?

I have a strange feeling that even if all these questions are answered we still won't know anything... I don't wanna sound like a downer but all of this questioning, waiting, and even this forum all depend on that big question:


Maybe we could innundate them with angry emails?

Nah, better not do that. It'd just give them the idea that the angry emails represent the people who wrote them and would make them less likely to patch up the game. sigh I wish I could register the copy of PoG that's sitting on my hard drive...

I play quite often, I still love the game and fully support it, I just wish I could make plugins, the very day I was going to buy cs they stopped selling it. I have mac os x 10.2.8 and have never bothered to upgrade... Fortunatly I bought PoG way before they stopped selling it, hehehe.

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