Creature Names

The annoying thing about POG is that you can never really find out what most of the monster's names are. And the only names you know don't give you a description, so you don't know what the monster looks like. Anyone else have this problem?

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You can find a lot out in the Learning Tree by asking the persons on levels one and two to tell you about the creatures, but the most comprehensive list can be found here in Stark Bledfast's Walkthrough and Compendium. The list there has a few inaccuracies and gives some creatures which cannot be found in the game (although some of them show up in Trinity.) For instance, I think someone has mixed up the Mole Spider with the Rocky Spider. The stats, when they are available, are accurate because I have personally checked them all out and contributed a lot of the data to Stark as he was compiling the list.

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