No Ships Left Condition

Is there a way to get the No Ships Left condition to work? Exactly 3 seconds after I start a scenario using this condition it either makes me win or makes the computer win before a single ship is destroyed.


As far as I know, no. I hope someone out there knows 'cause i wanted to use that condition.

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I got a reply from Nathan Lamont about it:

on 8/13/00 10:25 AM, Patrick Cavanaugh at REDACTED wrote:

I have found a bug in Ares 1.2.0B5. When you use a "No Ships Left"
condition, it activates 3 seconds after the level starts, before even 1 ship
is destroyed!

This condition can't be initially active, otherwise it will be triggered
when the scenario begins.

To use it properly, have it initially inactive. Use another time-based
condition to turn it on after some time.

If you could pass this info on to the "Engineering" area of the web board,
I'd appreciate it.

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Initially inactive, then make a timer >1 condition to AlterTrueYet on it.

More fun: to have to capture multiple planets: a condition for each, where all but one is inactive. Then, AlterTrueYet in a chain, until the last met condition wins the scenario.

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