Where the crap is everyone?


Honestly, what Ragnarok swept through here? Sure, things are delayed somewhat due to the OS compatibility, but was that enough to silence the entire fanbase? What happened to the 'Trinity 2' idea? What happened to the horde of Coldstone games in Web Links? SHAME. ;-;

Wanna play Pop-Pop?

Go back to the B&B, Hamster. Nobody here wants you to rub it in.

I would like to apologize for that statement, I did not mean it in any mean spirit. I was saddened by the drop in attention and community to PoG/Coldstone, and Pop-pop.

The tone of the post was not meant to be a mocking one, but one of depressed sympathy with what had happened to both of these games.


Thanks for clarifying your intentions. I guess some of us (I, in particular) are just a little too defensive about our cherished game.

I, too, apologize for snapping at you when you meant no harm. The frustrations find subtle ways of bubbling to the surface. I have to try harder to keep my cool. 🙂


Aye, and my sense of sarcasm is about as clear as a brick sometimes. 😛