My screen is too small!

Well, I can't seem to get my screen to 832*624 anymore (stupid monitor adapter) so I just hacked WDEF 65... (But now all the doalog boxes in ares have little zoom boxes, oh well)

Anyways, I have some ideas.

Battering rams, which don't have any weapons and can't warp and have very little thrust, but they can go really fast (given enough time holding the key) and do lotsa damage.

Highspeed ship-mashers, which have 'can be hit' turned off and don't die when they collide with something (it goes on and on and on, they do little damage like poking holes in ships)

Nova bombs, which have a proximity fuse (by making the mask bigger) and explode when any ship goes near it.

The plough, which creates another plough when it dies (very powerful weapon, it will keep ramming a ship until it dies or gets out of the way if that's possible) so when it kills a ship it keeps going (and goes further, you could say it sucks energy from the ship)

Electro-missiles, which zap any ship that comes close (I'm using this, the zap does more damage than the missile colliding)

Flak-drone launchers, which should make expiring flak drones.

Missile-missiles, which have themselves as a weapon.

Nastyroid teleporter!!!

Some of these are a bit too powerful...