To Nathan Lamont

Haven't been able to contact you through e-mail, it keeps giving me error messages, I wanted to finnish that discussion we were having about the bug I had in hera about the lists not appearing propperly. The races list and the innitial objects list in the scenarios area work ok but all the other lists (I think all, maybe 1 or 2 others work) don't. I can still chose options from the list but I have to guess where I'm clicking on and it really needs to be sorted by name which works ok. Any known fixes for this and if not do u have any idea what the problem is, guess we'll have to have this disscusion in here.


I've had this problem since the first private beta. It seems to be pretty common and I believe this is the last one to go before the official release.

Throughout their history these "unenlightened" beings have continually opposed and fought abuses of power wrought by their own bretheren. We, as the prophets would do well to learn from these Humans.
-Final statement of the Salrilian reformist Sirthis shortly before his execution.