Improving the Pillars of Garendall Wikipedia page

something we can do while waiting

I discovered just a little while back that Pillars of Garendall has its own Wikipedia page:

However, it's a stub (meaning it's very, very short)--I tried to add a little bit in about why it's not available anymore (tracked down David Dunham's posts about Beenox). I thought it might be a neat idea to improve and lengthen the site to show that there is still interest in PoG and when it is re-released new users will have a place to go to for information, etc.

EV Nova already has a pretty lengthy page; its page might give us a bit of a template on what to write about.

Having "there are no active threads" on this board is a sad thing...

Anyone interested?

i would help, but me writing wikipedia topics is a bad idea. if it was on uncyclopedia i could help. i'm not to good at writing long lengthy things that explain things indepth.