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I'm sorta new on the boards so please forgive my ignorance.
I'm just wondering what I need to do in order to download the semi-public beta version of Hera. Also is it possible to edit the game entirely in Res Edit without using Hera?
Thanks in advance.

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check out the semi0public beta topic- Hera's grea, it's also user friendly-except for the random and important ID's for stuff never expl.ained.

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I believe that it is possible to edit it completely in ResEdit, but is is EXTREMELY hard and I only know of one person who can do it, Slug.

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The truth is that you can't edit Ares' data files in ResEdit only any more than you could mow the lawn with a pair of fingernail clippers. Sure, you might be able a change that you can notice, but it's not just hard -- it's impractical.

Ares' data formats can't be described with RedEdit templates. Therefore, you need a tool like Hera to alter Ares' data.

Exactly. Slug was skilled with ResEdit, so he could effect some cosmetic changes- Swapping things around, and such. But even he couldn't edit the statistics, and sprites. Until now...

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Ahh yes....
Good ol' Slug...

From what I hear he was quite the brain.

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Well, if no one noticed, I did upload the Race Templates file to the guides (by the way, that is mine). What the Admiral is probably talking about are those fields I couldn't figure out.

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