Flag Problems in Hera

I have a beta version of Hera and I was wondering if any of your guys are also having trouble with the "IsPlayerShip" Flag in the Scenario Initial Objects section.

Basically what this flag does is it determines what ship the player controls at the start of the scenario, but it doesn't seem to work.

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No I've gotten that flag to work correctly. Only the human player of the level needs one of these flagged ships. If you don't have a ship set as that it'll crash the game and if you have more than one it gets messed up. If you mean net levels I haven't tried making one so...

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Also, try not to give the flag to more than one. I'm not sure, but that might screw the game up too.

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It turns out I got the Player numbers messed up, not the flags.
But thanks anyways!

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I tried a net level, if you get trouble with setting a ships admiral, I think you got a non-flaggable item flagged (in my case a planet).

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