Well, as far as Ares/Hera and EVO (and every other program I had on my computer) are concerned, I'm going to be out of the loop for an indeffinate amount of time. You see, I just got the equipment for a DSL. But it wouldn't work without an ethernet card. So I pick one up and install it. The DSL still dosen't work. So after giving USWest and Apple a total of twelve calls I call the ethernet card company and they tell me that it's either: a) USWEst sent me the wrong cord, which wouldn't surprise me, or 🆒 the card was somehow in wrong. It was probably A, but I decided make sure it wasn't B. After taking my logic board out and reinstalling the card, I put the board back in, connect everything up, hit the power button, and nothing happens. So I go through all that again to take the card out, hook everything back up and nothing happens. My logic board, and subsequently my computer, is dead. I had just finished a net level pack with Hera too. But enough of my bitching for now. Got any advice? Anyone?

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Hire a real professional, not one of hose guys you send you laptop to and it comes back even more broken. Get a guy over there, have him take a look. (btw, doe sthe power not even go on? Does it give an ampty disk?) that and give it time. Just don't touch it for a day, and try it again. Sometimes that works... But get professional help. (get help for the computer too!) 🙂

ERA for EV:

And remember :
There is no ANY Key. That one took me a while to figure out 😉