Hi all,
I was browsing the internet and happen to stumble across Pillars of Garendall. It sounded good, so I downloaded it.
It said that it was free for 30 days. It's only been a few days but I can't go any further in the game because I get a message about not being able to go any further because i'm playing an unregistered copy. 😮
I've tried to register the game but I keep getting 'item not available'. 😞 😞 😞
I'm assuming that the copy I have will be a full version once I enter a serial number. Is there really no way to register and get a serial number?
From what I read, I realize that this is an older game and that there are some bugs in it but i'm really into this game and i'm dying to finish it!!
Please help! I need to find a way to register this game but I'm stumped as to how to go about it.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
~ Pica

Hi Pica. Welcome to the boards.

There has been no official word that ASW has abandoned the project, but the sad truth is that you cannot at the present time buy a registration. The latest word is that Ambrosia is still working on an update to a game created, and abandoned, by Beenox. It is not easy to re-do someone else's baby. Coldstone, the software which was used to make PoG, is simmering in the same stew pot.

Nothing bad happens if you go beyond the 30 days, you just can't go beyond the area limits in the Kingdom of Garendall.

We are all sad about this. 😞 ~RD

Make sure you have the full version (which it sounds like you do, but just check anyway)--the boundaries set on "where you can go without registering" are less restrictive then the boundaries in the demo, I'm not entirely sure why; it made me quite excited when I found out (wow, more places to go without paying!) way back when I tried it out (back when you actually COULD register it, which I did eventually).

RD--what's the latest news on the rewrite? I'm just trying to remember when the last time an Ambrosia person said they were still working on it.

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@macmaxbh, on Jun 26 2006, 08:11 AM, said in Registration:

RD--what's the latest news on the rewrite?

Unfortunately, I have no news. 😞

@rubber-ducky, on Jun 26 2006, 08:31 AM, said in Registration:

Unfortunately, I have no news. 😞

When was the last time someone from Ambrosia said "oh, yes, we're still working on it, be (really, really) patient?" Do you recall offhand?