Omni Cloak Possible!(?)

As I was reading Hera beta status at (url="http://"")http://www.ambrosias...tion_alter.html(/url) I happened to notice this "Cloak: Cloaks an object, even if it doesn't have cloaking." so apparently, one can make a weapon that can cloak an object!!

And one can also make a weapon that can disable ships even for long periods of time (everyone knew that, cuz zerbs use that effect).

If someone could answer this:
1.Can you make a damaging shrapnel/spark effect to explosions (like the area of effect in EV)?

2.Can you make weapons with more than two stages (like the antimatter pulse in the cantharan gunship)?

3.Can you make the second stage to be like plasma ball (with contrail effect)?

To those Q:s I didn't find aswer from the fore mentioned webpage(s).

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I might be wrong but from reading the documentation so far I think that with the pulse gun thing, that after the first shot expires it creates the 2nd shot and so to make more than 2 all you have to do is set the 2nd to make a 3rd when it expires. But like I said I have no idea if I'm right


The correlary to that...

A weapon that does no damage but hits everything within a certain area, thus decloaking it.

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it is possible to have a weapon make a splash-damage explosion.
just like when the gateship dies in the last level, there are explosions that throw exploding debri around
It would have to be a missile object though, not a beam or a blast :frown:
just set it to when it dies, or collides with something, it dies like any other ship would : exploding and throwing the debri that explodes when you hit it.

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Shrapnel is possible, and already used - the flak artillery does no damage with an actual strike, it's the 8 little pieces of flak that blow you up.

Any object can create any number of any other object on its death or expiration (expiration - after a certain amount of time, usually a shot will just disappear, or expire).

There is no actual contrail effect - the contrail is a projectile that does no damage and is created at the same time as the plasma ball, and has the exact same characteristics.

However, there is no real area of effect ability, unless you count an extreme number of invisible objects that are created at set angles from the 'birthing' object. Those objects would NOT expire when they hit a ship (yes, that's possible) so they would go through a ship, and incidentally would damage large ships more than small ships. Or they could expire when they hit a ship, so only near ships are affected - whatever you wish.