Psychotic campaign idea in skit form

The race name corresponds to the first letter, ie C equals Cantharan. Minor races such as the Obish are not included.


S: Oh crud. I thought that new prophetic software upgrade had some bugs. :eek:

😄 Run!

(later, battleship UNS Victory)

H: Security!!!

S: Umm... Didn't your intelligence catch the Audemon revolt?

I: Oh yeah. George, forget security.


H: Never mind, Bob.

Security: OK, but we're nearby.

😄 Anyway, we need some help.

I: And you think we'll help? Oh, yeah, sure. :rolleyes:

S: Now we're dead, Oloymik. :frown:

😄 Oh, well.

H: Never mind. We'll see.

(outside audemon homeword, UNS Dart)

I: You're right, they are operating fast.

S: We have to stop them.

(and so on, audemons betray Cantharans and Salirians and go hyper powerful, C and S join Cooperative, fight fight kill kill boom.) 😄

I'm AirPlane everywhere else. Perhaps you know me.

Ummm... I see you had a fun time and all. But don't you think this topic belongs in the Trash Talk Category.

This board should primarily be Hera and Plug-ins and stuff like that

Yes, im not that good at English. Sorry!
And I don't know any airplanes.

I was going to make it a campaign!

And no you don't know AirPlane, because that's me and you're probably one of those new people (no offense)

I'm AirPlane everywhere else. Perhaps you know me.

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