Ohhh... can't wait...

Ohh.. after looking at that nice juicy fastgrowing Hera Manual, i cant wait to get my dirty paws on Hera...

It looks very neato, and it opens up for all kind of possibilities....(spelling?)

There is some minor details that i still havent figured out yet. Like how does a ship know when a target is "nearby". Some say its when it appears on a 1:4 screen, but im not sure.

Another thing I still have in my head is: Will it be possible to have another race as your ally? And to own one of their planets so you can manufacture both shiptypes... Maaaaaannnn..... Im growing desperate! When the Hera is out, im going to attack it with all the missions plans that are starting to grow in my head.

Also, I had in mind to open a small homepage where i would analyse, rank, comment and share 3rd player scenarios. I think that would be nice to have.

But untill Hera gets out on the street, i will just sit here in my comfy chair and desperatly trying to make time fly.

- When in danger or in doubt,
run in circles, scream and shout. -