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I really need to get this Guild started so I scrapping the idea of meetings and so I'm going to try to just set up a "meeting" here. I'm try to pair people up that I think of are of equivalent skill. The pairings are as follows: Replicant and Darkk, Sargatanus and 8 lightnings, Dennis and Boba Fett. I'm going to have one set of partners do one of the catagories each. This time I'm researching Ishimans and here's the listings of what I'd like to get researched:

Replicant & Darkk- Strategy - The carrier strategy. I know you guys researched the ship aspects of this strat, but I'd like to see a strategical solution to the two carriers; things like capturing Bunker Stations and flanking manuevers. If you would try each strategy atleast 3 times each.

Sargatanus & 8 Lightnings- Ships - I'd like to see how the Cruiser class fairs against the other ships of the Ishiman fleet. Start off with one to one matches and continue until the cruisers win against the other ships (make sure each match contains new ships). Keep testing each battle until the cruisers win.

Dennis & Boba Fett- Species - I'd like to match up the Ishimans against the other species with the same ships (same amounts too) on both sides. I'm testing for advantage, so try to test each matchup atleast 3 times.

Make sure to record your info. Also, if you can't meet up with your partner, I'll fill in for them. Try to get in contact with your partner and set up some convient time to test this stuff. There won't really be a scheduled day that this will be "due". I will post another one of these things as soon as we're finished with this and are ready for the next one.

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Hi!!! Admiral denn: how bout we meet on GR in the strategy room at 5:00 pacific eastern time this friday? Anyway... I joined an ares developer group (I'll send out emails inviting you all to join). We can schedule chats there and make announcements and a load of other things. It's all there.

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