Research Guild Meeting Time and Agenda

I think I'm going to let all the folks who replied to that last post be in the Research Guild. So, the Research Guild consists of Replicant, Darkk, Sargatanus (pardon the spelling), 8 Lightnings, Boba Fett, Dennis, and me. I'd first like to address the concern about meeting time. I think sometime like Wednesday at 7 pm EST would be ideal, but I realize that I'm going to have to be flexible. Just drop a line about what would be a good time for you.

As for the agenda for the Guild, I'd like to keep it to these three catagories: Strategy, Ships, and Species. The Strategy component tests strategies against each other, such as a Transport Magnet tactic vs. a Rush tactic. The goal of the Strategy research is to analyze ship placements, fleet hierarchies, and tactical manuevers. The next area of research ships of the same species against each other. The purpose of the Ships section is to understand the relationships between ships, to discover successful ship combinations, and to unveil the best and most cost-effecient ship-counters in the game. Last but not least is the Species research. Species research targets cross-species games, most of it to discover the true relationships between the species ("Are Advantage Ratings Accurate?"), and to find specific strategies for cross-species games.

This setup will hopefully have a verification and "checks and balances" process, and hopefully after extensive research the information will be "distilled" and accurate. Just the way I hoped ;).

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I think friday, before tourys would be good. but if that didn't work, i think weekends would be the best.

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Of course, if you did it on weekends, people would think you didn't have a life, but Ares is the life of most of the people on the web board, so it doesn't really apply.

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I can't do it on weekday nights except friday.
A possible check would be having the people switch roles. That and only pairing up equals.

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I have to work every evening this week after school, so I won't be able to make it. Sorry.

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