State of Hera 02-05-2000

Very, very close to beta. I stuck a new screenshot up at (url="http://"") for those of you who can't get enough.

Prepare ye.

I'm happy and sad. Hera is so close to beta, and while I'm not a tester that means that it's pretty close to coming out! And the system for object placement looks decent! And the Admiral will soon be availible (I hope!)


In the next world war,
In a jack-knifed Juggernaut,
I am born again.

I know it's a little late, but wouldn't it have made more sense to call the editor "Hephaestus?"

No, I'm not that cruel. I don't use the flamethrower on my
enemies. I save that for my
-caalaklael, the trigger
happy obiard

Hera, as the Greek goddess of marriage, would be far more appropriate for a program that takes away so much of Grammaticus's life with the attention it needs. 😉


I think it's pointless to debate about what to call the editor. Hera, however, is a four-letter word, so it's easy to associate with Ares.

BTW, according to Greek mythology, Ares was actually a pretty bloody awful warrior...

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Ankh Starrunner, The Diamond Blaster

In Greek mythology, Hera was Ares' mother.

Ares was a big jerk. He like to make trouble and he cried like a baby when he got hurt. The crew members of the Apollo weren't feeling heroic when they learned that Earth was under Cantharan rule -- they felt hurt and like making trouble.