Recruiting for the Research Guild

We represent the lollipop.. oh, excuse me. Anyways, since I have taken the responsibility of doing the species/ships section of the Axis, I think I'm going to start up a little firm to help me aquire all of my information.

I'd like to invite both Replicant and Darkk to the Guild. I noticed they started their own testing and I'd like to get in on it, as well as include tests of my own. What I really need is volunteers who would help me with one thing I can't really do alone- mass testing.

What are the perks, you ask? Well, I will give anyone in the Guild credit, on the Axis, for their work. Also, I'll allow you to beta test my upcoming plugin. But keep in mind that I may be selective with who I pick, so don't take anything personally, I really want people who are reliable and dependable.

Alter Ego: Erich Blossey
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A you invited me
B I love to test stuff
I will volunteer. I might even let you use my Hotline server for discussion.

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Well, i wasn't invited to join, but I'd like to anyhoo. let me know if you don't want my help, or if you do. I don't want to infringe.

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Another good reason Rep and I would be good for this is we are equal so results should be apperant. 😉 :frown: 😉

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Sounds interesting. I'll join if you want.

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Can I please join? I really want to, since your plug sounds so cool, and I need stuff to pass the time.

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With pleasure, Vegeta.


Hmm, I'd love to be in.

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I'll go along with that if I can, I guess.


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