Patch-together ships

I thought of combining the qualities of the ships of different species to make the ships better.

Fighter: speed of Ishiman, maneuverability of Human, weapon and sheilds of Audemedon, cloaking device of Salrilian

Cruiser: speed and maneuverability of elejeetian, pulse gun, sheilds, and holo-projector of Audemedon, P-K beam of Ishiman, cloaking device of Salrilian

Gunship: speed and maneuverability of human, sheilds and pulser weapon of audemedon, turret of human, cloaki-well, you know...

HVD: Sheilds of Ishiman, Neutron pulse of Gaitori, speed and maneuverability of Ishiman, C. missiles and lepton beam of Ishiman, clo-etc.

Carrier: Sheilds of salril, magneto of human, fighters of audemedon s and m of human, t-space bolt rod of salril

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2 things-
The sal fighter doesn't have a cloak, and the HVD can't have 3 weapons and a cloak.

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Another thing: I believe that Elejeetan and Audemedon cruisers are, in fact, identical statistics wise.

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The aud one has the holo projector. I always thought that the Elejeetian one had better weap and sheild.

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I don't really care about these things. 😉 he he


HotSpice(better known as Avenger on GR)

The Aud Cruiser and Elejeetian Cruiser both have 1500 shields. However, Onas pulse has a kick and the Inasa Pulse doesn't, but they both do the same damage. The Newo Beam also interfers ever so slightly with electronics, but the ASB Beam does the same damage as well. The Audemedon Cruiser has a Holo Projector, and the Elejeetian Cruiser doesn't. Pretty much, its like comparing a Cantharan Cruiser to an Ishiman Cruiser.

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In 17 I could swear they kick aud butt. You must remember that the Onas pulse can be used on zero energy after a big battle.

Commander-in-Chief of the Nijayias Interstellar Navy.