My Plug, should I ever start/finish it...

Well, since there are all these nice plugs being made, I'll guess I'll throw in my own two bits. My plug will be named Armageddon. This is the story:
After the Human fleet recaptured Terra, the Humans set up the Terran Concordance. A rapidly expanding military force which was set up to defend the human race and its newfound alien allies. The remnants of the Cantharan and Gaitori races, the Cantharans those surviving dissidents of the Order, have joined the Human race and have settled on Mars, Neptune and Luna to eek out an existence in this universe. Within exactly 5 years of the recapture of Earth, a huge hyperspace disturbance removed the Sol system from existence. Emerging from this anomaly came an unknown alien race stating itself only to be the Auditors (Terry Pratchett). With a fierce array of warships facing them, the remnants of the Terran Concordance found itself fighting for its very survival. As the Ishimans, Obish, Bazidanese and Elejeetians rushed to their old allies aid, the Sals and Audemons, having rebuilt their ships of war, have invaded the known universe once again.

I will be including new ship classes, as well. Slightly different from Vegeta's. P.S. Before anyone gets started, sorry about using these unit designations. Lots of these are from World War II and Homeworld. Sorry, Vegeta, if I seem like a copycat.

Fighter- Will be sublight still, be fast, and have long range tracking weaponry. Light shielding. Fast firing beams.

Corvette- Very fast, faster then fighters, but less maneuverable. Sublight. Cruiser weaponry, and employs heavy damage tracking weaponry.

Cruiser- Warp drive, heavy short range firepower, fast, maneuverable.

Heavy Cruiser- Warp drive, heavy short range firepower, fast, maneuverable, better shields, long range tracking weaponry

Frigate- Warp drive, heavy long range firepower, fastish, maneuverable, even better shields, plus long range tracking weaponry

Gunship- Warp drive, very damaging weaponry, fast, high shields, sloth maneuverability, no long range tracking weaponry.

Heavy Destroyer- Warp drive, very damaging weaponry, fast, mediocre shields, great maneuverability, long range tracking weaponry.

Carrier- Warp drive, slow, not very maneuverable, carries fighters, corvettes. Sometimes LRTW, sometimes turret.

Battleship- Warp drive, slothlike in every dimension. I plan these to be the centerpieces of any fleet. Flying at one takes you through fields of flak, onas pulse turrets, and whatever which will probably vaporize you. Some will have a main forward firing gun which will blast anything to shreds, some will have heavy torpedoes, energy pulses, etc. Some will even have fighters.

Again, sorry if I'm pissing anyone off.

Sounds good, I hope it comes out soon, I WANT ANY PLUG TO COME OUT SOON! I've beaten Ares a long time ago and want to play something new in single player.

Will this plug have new net missions? I think u should start on the blueprints of the missions u will have too. I hope everyone does very good on every plug they make. 😉


HotSpice(better known as Avenger on GR)