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I just realized that I haven't seen it stated explicitly anywhere that Hera would be able to create Multiplayer maps. Since I am one of those people for who Multiplayer is the game itself and Single-Player is just practice for when you can't get at a modem, this is a fairly big concern for me. Ever since I played the sixth level of single-player, I've been thinking 'wouldn't this just be the COOLEST multiplayer map?" I actually hoped before reading the documentation that it WAS a multiplayer map for the registered version and then was dissapointed to learn that it wasn't. This has GOTTA be corrected! While Scratching Post is pretty close to what I had in mind for the border fights I daydreamed about while waiting for my registration number, I can still see a lot of strategies that just weren't too smart (i.e. actually BUILDING support units: transports, engineering pods, etc) on the other maps. There is SO MUCH you could do! Especially if the map were limited to weaker, cheaper units. Admittedly, it may need a nip and a tuck to make it MP friendly, but the map is basically symmetrical, lets the tacticians and cloak fans do the 'hurt the other guy's resources' thang (if there are no Canth and Sal Engineering pods, I'll probably give them cloaking too and just recolour the artwork for the Ish version unless someone out there wants to help make this thing happen), still lets the aggressive top-gun types do the 'bash dem all wit my HVD and a lotta gusto' thang, and it would make me happy. So now that my hopes and dreams of turning a single-player map into a multiplayer one have been layed out (bonus points if I could make a 'grab asteroid chunks' type map where you actually lose samples if the ships carrying them die, first to 10 or 20 or whatever wins...) I hope that they won't be crushed under the cold heel of a monoplayercentric viewpoint on the part of Hera's creator.

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It has been stated that Hera will have multiplayer map creation abilities.

Check the (url="http://"http://www.axis.n3.net/misc/interview2.html")Hera Interview(/url) for info. While he doesn't come out and SAY it will have it, it is pretty heavily implied.

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Accually, it has now been said out front and clear on the message board. Just go to (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/webboard/Forum13/HTML/000011.html")http://www.AmbrosiaS...TML/000011.html(/url) to get there.

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