How can i run PoG on Mac OS X?

I heard that you couldn't run PoG on mac X, but you could make it run on 9.
how do i do this?

thanks for any help

ok ive solved that, but have i have another question, how can you save files on os X? i created an empty text file and named the ending .pog but it wont save properly

Hi AnyOne, Welcome to the boards.

There are two ways to open PoG on an OS X machine. You need to have a "System Folder" containing OS 9 in either case. The common way is to select the application "Pillars of Garendall" -> get info -> and check the box which says, "Open in Classic Environment." Pog will then run, but on my machine it runs with a lot of jerkyness and I'm not happy with that. Since you have OS 9 on your computer, I would prefer using the other method. Under the blue apple, select "System Preferences ...." and go to "Startup Disk" -> select OS 9 and hit the restart button. Play PoG to your hearts content and then reset the computer to start up with OS X. You do that by selecting "Control Panels..." -> "Startup Disk" in the apple menu.

Saving in OS 9 should not be a problem and the game plays much more smoothly. It's a small price to pay for a great game. That's the best I can do until the update is released. ~RD

wow thanks, the only problem is...
in stat up disk it only shows "Mac OS X 10.4.6 on iMac" and "Network Start up"
do i drag the Classic Startup into that box?

EDIT: Tried that, it doesnt work...

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I'm not a whiz at computers, but I don't think you can run in "Classic" unless there is an OS 9 on the machine somewhere. On my computer, OS X lives in a folder named "System" and OS 9 is in a folder named "System Folder." I'm convinced the difference in the names is important.

When you ask something to run in "Classic" do you get a progress bar showing the startup of System 9? If so, can you do a search of your machine for "OS 9?" If that doesn't get you anywhere, do you have an old CD with System 9 on it that you can install?

With a little luck we'll find a way to get you going. 🙂

Sadly, as I found out Here, G5s cannot launch Classic as a system, the enviroment is the best we can do 😞

It's better than Intel Macs though, which can't run classic at all.

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