AWB Character Dossier

I thought it would be kinda cool if everyone here gave a visual description of their AWB character, especially the ones of different species, to help everyone else visualise. (I for one have no idea what a Nijayias looks like). Also beacuse when my plug gets released I want to have sketches of the main characters in the read-me or introduction file or whatever. Try this format:

Character name
Gender (if applicable)
Hight (use metric or standard please)
weight (same as above)

Physical description (very important for new species, include typical clothing)

Personality description

Like this:

Admiral Sargatanus (sar juh TAHN us)
Human, altered
155 lbs.

A relatively short human with a light, although muscular build, long, almost metalic silver hair, a neatly trimmed goatee, and a young yet sculpted, pale, gaunt face. Genetic and cybernetic enhancement has resulted in superb strength, speed, and agility. Almost always cloaked in a long, black, heavy, finely detailed coat. Small wires, tubes, and other tiny mechanical objects can be seen under the skin anywhere below the neck, and behind the face. Eyes not at a constant color, due to multi-wave optic processors in iris and lenses. Has multiple instruments implimented into the body.

Extremely intelligent and calculating. Quiet, calm, intense, polite, and somewhat sinister and sarcastic. Has a tendencey to over-impose or intimidate. Stubborn perfectionist. Very dark sense of humor. Always alert and sometimes fidgiting, even though usualy calm.

"…Throught their history, these 'unenlightened' beings have continually organized to opposed the injustices and attrocities committed by their bretheran in power. We, as the prophets, would do well to learn from these humans."
-Final statement of Salrilian reformist Sirthis before his execution.

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High Commander Traek(TRAY-ekk) Cicion
190 lbs.

Phylydions are near-Human. Identical except three eyes: the two in Human positions and one above center. All three eyes are pure blue. No distinguishable irises or pupils. Also, all Phylydion have a slit on either side of their mouths, from which they can extract sensing tendrils. (Anybody read the Tales of the M.E. Cantina or of Jabba's Palace? These pouches are Dannik Jerriko-esque.) Phylydion are generally not nearly as strong as Humans, but I and other Phylydion Elite have gone through training which puts our strengh almost equal with Humans. The average Phylydion has about half again the agility of a competition-grade Human gymnast. A tall Phylydion, broad shouldered, dark brown hair and eyes, dashing good looks.

A brilliant tactician, with a Han Solo type general attitude. Has a tendency to overestimate foes, sometimes goes into a bit of overkill.

Commander Cicion, commander of Phylydion Primary Armada

"Never tell me the odds!"
-Han Solo

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"Sundered Angel" - Real name, if any, unknown
160 lbs

Sundered Angel looks every inch a galactic standard human. He's got black hair, tanned skin and blue eyes, and is quite good looking, in a roguish kinda way. He tends to move quite quietly however, and turn up without being noticed. His tendancy not to show up on standard life-form scans does have a few people concerned.

Sundered Angel is generally polite and well-spoken. He has a somewhat dry sense of humour, and sometimes laughs at things others find quite serious. His aura that of a smooth, charming space rogue, moving with flippancy, and strangely not a sound. His ability to dissapear and appear without being noticed can unnerve, but his charisma and obvious intelligence put most at ease.

Motivations for aiding in the Ring Destruction: Unknown.
Motivations for stealing Sargantanus' Sword: Unreadable.
Motivations for current course of action: Once again- Unknown

Sundered Angel ,
The One and Only

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El Spamo (a.k.a. Dirk Greenwater)
100% Human

A somewhat averaged height and swarthy man, El Spamo is beaten and worn. His face is pitted and scarred from various fights. A long thin white scar runs from his forehead down across his eye and his cheek. His clothes are simple and durable. A flightsuit with several pockets and a belt and bandolier that contain a pair of sidearms and ammunition for them. Sandy hair covers his head and a scratchy beard conceals his chin. If one could guess where he came from, they would most likely say he came from a place called "Mexico" on Earth.

El Spamo is a gruff person, usually hostile towards strangers. He is however, a powerful friend who never betrays those he has befriended and his word is binding. El Spamo enjoys a good strong drink and often jokes around. A seemingly outgoing man, he hides many things from the average aquantance. He is a man deeper than he looks.

-Semper ubi sub ubi-

Fleet Admiral Darkk
6 ft
160 lbs

Physicaly exact dupilicates of humans. Typicaly wear military tunics and pants (kinda like Star Wars Imperial officers) of verious colors, higher level officers might wear capes. I have a grey uniform because I am a member of the command division, and A green cape because I fly my own ship much of the time (green is the pilot/navigation color).

My personality would be best described as a good version of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
I however prefer simple stratagies when possable, but I do like taloring tactics to opponents mental vulnerabilities. I tend to err on the side of overkill when deciding a stratagy, as I am a bit cautious (except for places I feel require audacity, where I display seemingly insane tactics). I am loyal to my Emporer, my men, and my friends, in that order.

Commander-in-Chief of the Nijayias Interstellar Navy.

Timothy Xwarp
210 lbs.
21 years

Blue eyes, red hair, light colored skin, a blue flightsuit.

Extremely intelligent. Quiet, polite, stubborn, sense of humor, want's to go where no man has gone before.

I will not salute to a Ares Admiral.

The Warps.

Fleet Admiral Andrew M
86 lbs.

Roughly humanoid, except with four eyes (varying in color from person to person, though always glowing) resulting in 5 dimensional vision, a binary brain, so all Na'jan'té have twice the normal human brain capacity, and gills, to survive in Na'jan's water environment. Generally wears a black jumpsuit that quickly expels liquid. The Na'jan'té military generally flies hollowed out asteroids.

Generally calm, quiet, and polite, and an extreme perfectionist.

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8 Lightnings (aka Delta Farron)
67% Human, 33% Cybernetic

Appears standard human, except for mechanical eyepiece and right arm which slides open to reveal control panel. Self-repairing circuitry allows him to have 39.87% of his body damaged and still recover in under forty minutes. Can be repaired by correct surgery with up to 52.31%. Can interlink with lightning-class fighter-bomber or recently discovered Sword of Darkhon. (Sword is found in my plug)

Tries to avoid social life now as he campaigns, occasionally with the UNS or ISN assisting him, against Salril and the Axis.

PS Delta Farron isn't my real name.


*** 8 Lightnings - Point at Confed Frigate and hit 'F' to destroy ***


Andrew M wrote:
**Fleet Admiral Andrew M
86 lbs.

Roughly humanoid, except with three eyes (varying in color from person to person, though usually blue) resulting in 4 dimensional vision, a binary brain, so all Na'jan'té suffer from multiple personality syndrome, but twice the normal human brain capacity, and gills, to survive in Na'jan's water environment. Generally wears a black jumpsuit that quickly expels liquid.

Generally calm, quiet, and polite, and an extreme perfectionist.


Tsk.Tsk. In other words just a combination of the other characters in this still small topic.

I'm going to be blunt. Unless you have something useful/original to add to this plug, please don't interfere.

"…Throught their history, these 'unenlightened' beings have continually organized to opposed the injustices and attrocities committed by their bretheran in power. We, as the prophets, would do well to learn from these humans."
-Final statement of Salrilian reformist Sirthis before his execution.

The Anon/Anonymous (no real name found in any databank and known by no one)
Human (60-80%), modified in numerous ways. Never been thoroughly examined.
17-20? +1xx years old

The Anon was abducted by Sals and Auds in 2001, and has been used as a test subject for human assimilation. The assimilation did not work correctly and the Audemedon AI, implanted inside his brain became a threat to the Prophets and even more greater threat is the Oracular network receiver used as the controlling unit of the AI. But as the Catharans began their crusade towards Earth he was forgotten in cryo sleep, for over 100 years, until finally he was rescued by the Ares' crew. In the cryosleep, he was able to gather great amounts of classified Audemedon technology data into his enchanged brain.

Ever after he has worn a black velvet rope, with designs adopted from DragonLance character Raistlin. His eyes changed color in the cryosleep (for yet unknown reason) from greyish blue to deep purple. He looks like a normal handsom human in every other aspect. With short dark brown hair, quite pale skin (normal for us Finns), and slender but not very muscular body.

Has a bad temper if bothered, but can still be gentle and polite if treated cautiously. Has a really dry sense of humour and he really doesn't know how to laugh. He usually is sarcastic, ironic and sometimes even self-ironic.
If he gets offended, people usually find themselves filled with holes, made by a prototype weapon (ASB SubMiniGun (not a sub machine gun) 😉 ).
Kidding, but they were really close to death, when they said those few offending words.
Lives, breathes, eats, sleeps science.
Is infact a commander of the Ist Research fleet.
I wasn't able to get them back from their mission, when you were studying those anomalies, sorry.
Quite unbelievable too is that he is a great soldier and pilot too (thanks to the AI), after released he joined the Ares' crew and fought along, with he's captured and modified Sal gunship (I love that ship). Well after the war he was denied by the military and has been bitter ever since.

Do I write too much? Hope not cuz there's more.

He really doesn't like to be noticed (except by his friends, to whom he is really nice).
His shrink lied and told to him that he is paranoid, in hope to cheat some credits. He really is not paranoid though, but the interference made by his oracular network receiver unit, sometimes makes him behave quite strange.
Ever since the Sals noticed the "jail brake" they started to interfere his implant so he could not get any more vital data (some data still passes through though).

He has a full control over his Aud AI and infact they "live" in a sort of symbiot. And he is never alone with his friend inside his brain.

Hey!! It's just The Anon in case you are wondering. I have adapted SOME features from myself to The Anon character, but so what.

I never get to write to anyone, so you may expect long messages from me in the future 😉 BWAHHAHHHAAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! 😄

Sorry Admiral Sargatanus I did not I repeat DID NOT intend to copy anything from your character (and as far I concern I did not) Infact I had this character made up in my mind far before this topic was even started (or even before I joined this webboard for that matter). So any similarity is purely coinsidental. DANGIT and I am not the only onew with this kind of ideas for an ?interesting? character. And hey! My character was only modified by adding an Aud AI for ?unsuccesfull? assimilation.

Strange… just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field… but now I feel quite cold… And just what happened to my H-Cruiser?!?
Oh THERE IT IS… but… that's only half of it * :frown: *

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Ok. But have you read the topic "Life stories of AWB members"? I had made a reply to a topic that sort of sparked it off. I re-posted it in there. It's just that your "creation" story sounds an awful lot like mine. (abducted, genetically enhanced, added aud. cybernetics, salrilian q-digital processor in the brain, weapons, tools, other crap in the body, that kinda stuff.) I didn't want to seem too pretentious, it's just that I've been mocked enough since I started the ring discussion, and I wasn't sure if you were jumping on that bandwagon.

"…Throught their history, these 'unenlightened' beings have continually organized to opposed the injustices and attrocities committed by their bretheran in power. We, as the prophets, would do well to learn from these humans."
-Final statement of Salrilian reformist Sirthis before his execution.

What is there AWB characters stories somewhere?!? WHERE, I WANT TO JOIN IN!!??
Oh found it.

Gee, I have no friends to begin with, so why make enemies here?? I had no idea, really, that you had such a similar character. Here's the history: I have always been a sort of a dreamer, so I make up some fancy characters for rolegames (haven't played since 1998 :frown: ) and it is also sort of a hobby for brain jogging.
When I registered Ares and found it really (really) great game I started to like the Sals (as enemies I hate them, but if I just could fly one of their gunships…) and Auds (only for what they are). The point is that I have always disliked my body (though there's nothing wrong with it) and I would like to make myself better in every aspect. So my mind made up this character (but in the lack of better names he was named) The Anon.

Hmm… don't you dare to think of me as some nerd who has a life only in his dreams, because that is not what I am.

Anyways, the point is that I really REALLY had no idea of your character.

Dang I hate people who mock others for their imagination. I think that I have a big (too big) imagination and it has made me behave a bit strange lately. Usually I find myself waking up from a sort of a slumber as I notice that I am imagining again.

And I am a loner, I don't prefer doing something because others do it, so no bandwagons.

Oh and think of the fact that there were many abductees in the sal sells.

Ever seen 60 Minutes documents on Finns?

Hey a great way to confuse you:
Minäpä kirjoitan suomeksi jotain mielenkiintoista… -> In English: I'll write something interesting in Finnish…

Terve kaikki webboardin väki!! Ja hyvää päivän jatkoa. HEHHEH!!

I am not going to translate that, though I was only greeting everyone.
I hope that those strange ä letters don't bother you because they are pronounced as æ .
Like someone in 60 Mins said: Finnish is really an alphabet soup gone crazy. And it is also one of the hardest languages to learn and master 🙂

I write too long again, SOORRRRY.

Strange… just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field… but now I feel quite cold… And just what happened to my

🙂 🙂 🙂

I will not salute to a Ares Admiral.

The Warps.

You all suck. Wheres aiathon, he told me 'bout this crap, and it is just that, crap. Hahaha man yeah um i am 128m tall, a grolk, umnmn command a fleet of umm 600000000 ships and have a life.

"How can i make it go faster"? -Me-

You are no fun 😛

Slug (zlühg)
Male Salrilian, 90 lbs. 2.5 m. long (very large, for a salrilian).
331 yrs. of age.
Doesn't wear clothing because the dry-cleaning bills are horrendous.
I'm a bit of a Bar fly and I like Pangalactic Gargleblasters.


When I was spawned on the homeworld, the enlightened ones reckognized my potential through the oracular net and sent me into rigorous training in the caverns of si'Thkr'myr (The cavern Reformist Sirthis was executed in).

For the next 13 years, I honed my battle, mental, and tactical skills to the point that I was able to beat an Audemedon concious at dom'Jakk Ball in the virtual world.

The next hundred years I spent in the Interstellar Peacekeeping Armada, battling the unenlightened ones. My near perfect sense of the totality of battle quickly got me the rank of Admiral. During the final hours of the Obiard-Gaitori War, the fleet Commodore's flagship was overwhelmed and I replaced his rank temporarily.

That temporary rank has lasted two centuries. During the Boodan Civil War, I aided Cantharis in the defense of their planets.

However, after my disasterous defeat at the Salrilian Ring, I was instantly releived of command and given the rank of ensign.

Since then, I have sworn an oath to hunt down and kill the rebel primarily responsible for the ring's disablement : gei'Buht.

As for the others, zey're just a couple of guyz.

-Ensign Slug

In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace.
In denying it, one finds hope.

-Last words of Admiral Williams before the fall of Earth.


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Name: Nak'goek (pronounce it how you want i dont care)
Race: Qzan
Gender: Male Class Genitic Doner
Age: Brain: 500 Earth years. Body: 29 E.Y.s
Hight: 10 feet long
Weight: 200 pounds (organic weight)

Physical Discription: Almost squid like in appearence, only the tentacles more closly resemble spinal cords with 3 more tentacles branching off at the ends. Also has 5 eyes, 1 in the center, 2 to the left a little above that, and 2 to the right a little above that. On the sides of the edges of the head are complex looking slits for breathing hearing and smelling. On the underside is the beak, not unlike that of an earth squid, it is for talking, eating, and redundent breathing (one who breaths with both slits and their beak is considered a lazy coward). Also almost all Qzan are outfitted with cybernetic equipment at birth, the robotic implants are mostly just to let a Qzan function higher G planets (considering their planet has very low G and most other inhabitable planets are high G, Earth for instance). Other implants include interface sockets (allow them to hook up to machines so they can control them), nanobots (for repairing any damaged part in the organic sections of the body) and respiration recyclers (give them air to breath, takes the waste breathed out and converts it to breathable air). Highly intelligent race, currently at an unbeleiveable technologically advanced state.

Personality: I originated from the Qzanoguan system, it is located 50,000 light years from this galaxy around a rouge star. I was exiled when my secound (and current) body was 15 E.Y.s because I freely protested the plan of taking over your galaxy (15 years from now), that was an equivelent to the difience of a religion! You see since we have no nearby systems to inhabit and expand into we have been running very very low on resorces. So a couple thousand years ago are government proposed the idea of traveling to the nearest galaxy and colonizing it. Of course we knew many of its systems were inhabited so we decided to observe you and from that we came up with the means to justify are colonization. But thats a differnt story. I am a libiral who will likely question any form of domonint leadership no matter who it might be and no matter what the consequences are. I am a highly intelligent and skilled warrior and technological inovator, the later is unfortunate for I am responsible for some of the weapons that will likely wipe out large quantities of you in about 15 years. Though my body is young my mind is very old and wise so do not belittle me! My only current ship is a fighter thats weighed down by a used and useless coaxial drive that I havent gotten around to removing. But she is still a very powerful ship for her size, and still very manueverable. She has 2500 shields (Ive made several upgrades), can go up to SuperLuminal level 10,000 and has a powerful rapid suspended antiquark pulse gun (with a damage level of 300). I am currently on the same side as the Humans and Ishimans and all those other delightful races. But I still try to warn them all about the approching attack agaisnt the whole galaxy and how they will likely have to all join forces to even have a chance at defeating my people. But it doesnt matter much anymore since almost noone believes me. Know that I think about it I am often grouchy and sarchastic due to the fact that Im the only one of my race in this galaxy, but "Ghan'haquh!", you would be too? Right?!

Human-Duploi Hybrid
2 meters
130 lb
20 Earth years

A energetic person with a strong sense of leadership, Brown hair, well built, and mentally advanced. Has a mysterious stare, a witty personallity, and is often noted as being stunningly beautiful, although she'd never admit that. Likes the color blue.
Has some implanted subdermal technologies such as an optic communicator (which enables her to see and interface with a computer that is implanted in between the intestines and liver), an organ implanted beside the bladder to function as a center for engineering and repairing nanites (they travel abroad through her blood stream repairing and manufacturing necessary functions throughout the body), and a neural connection (which enables Jane to work with computers at thought). Thanks to the nature of the technology, none of these advances are visable. They all remain out of site below the skin.

Jane was born by her Human mother and Duploi father. The Duploi resemble Humans to a great degree, but happen to maintain a higher level of pulchritude (appeal, good looks). They are also a secluded species with high mental and telepathic powers. Some Duploi have been known to master the art of teleconysis, including Jane's father. She, due to hereditary reasons, displayed a talent for the ability at a young age. As she grew up on the Duploi homeworld, Jane was able to grow with a great freedom to master arts taught by the Duploi. Homing in on her mental abilities seemed to always come second to engineering in technology. As a result, much of the equipment she uses was invented by her.
At the age of 15, Jane escaped death when the Gatori invaded her planet and murdered her mother and father. Since time, Jane engaged herself to destroy the race. Usually seen wearing a battle suit, Jane has fought ruthlessly and superfluously in battle. She often had the nack to lead people, wherever she goes. Having built her own fleet and self inspired weaponry, Many species accosionally enlist her and her crews in battle.
Above all of this, Jane has managed to get away from the rest of her life on occasion to enjoy herself at bars with her friends, and usually makes more in the meantime.

No Guts, No Glory.

Does anybody read these?

No Guts, No Glory.

A few of us, Jane. A few of us. Oh, and check mine again. I've modified it a little.

Sundered Angel ,
The One and Only