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Some of you may be aware that me and ColdFusoin are going to make an Escape Velocity: Override RPG, in the same style as Realmz and Exile. We shall achive this with the wonderful tool Coldstone ( (url="http://"http://www.beenox.com")www.beenox.com(/url) ). This is such a wonderful tool, I started making the game tonight, and I already have some of the interface done! Don't worry though, the game won't be a pile of crap just becuase it's being created in a WYSIWYG programme, I belive that it will be an extremely good RPG (but then I would say that as I thought up the idea:P).

Now the only problem is (don't laugh), we haven't got a plot. Does anyopne have any ideas about a possibly story line? We'll be including more than one I think, as well as a mission computer type thing were you can get little quests to complete. I think the game will be less like Zelda 64 and Final Fantasy series and more of a free roaming plot were the next path isn' exactly clear until you get deep into the game. Even then there will still be smaller quests and stuff in case you get stuck and bored. If you could think of any cool EV style plots that could fit in with the game engine, then that would be brilliant and you would get high praise in the credits.

We would also like some graphic artist that could help with game sprites sich as NPCs (non-player-characters) and scenery and terrain. The game is going to be predominatly 2D, so no complex 3D stuff is needed, just some good Photosop skills. Any other support such as mission writing, proof reading (once we have a script) and testing (once we have a game ;)) would be great asset to the game.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Interesting... I think Newt may be working on an Ares RPG, but I see no reason why we shouldn't help out our good old EVO friends.

I think a possible plot-line might involve a Voinian subversion of one of the UE's newly aqquired planets (after you helped them take them, of course). While you, as (of course) a struggling, grounded fighter pilot try and earn enough money to get off the ground again, deeper wheels are in motion.
Who knows? You might even be swept up as a UE agent and sent undercover into the heart of Voinian territory...

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I'll help out if you need it.

How's this for a really vague plot: The Igadzra somehow (probably by accident) have cracked the code to the UE military mainframe, and are willing to sell access to the highest bidder. Suddenly the Voinians become quite a bit more interested in trading with the crescent. It could center around a pilot, well into the game, who has contacts from all sides offering him cash and telling him to keep his mouth shut. I just pulled this off the top of my head otherwise it would sound a lot better.

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I would focus on the Crescent civil war.

I would suggest it have something to do with the Voinians. I like the idea of an undercover agent, it would be a lot easier to make than a soldier type thing and it would fit the Realmz type interface better.

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