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Here's the deal. You descibe to me what species you think exist in the galaxy of Ares, or ones that you've imagined on your own. Include a detailed discription of the alien's. Then add their characteristics in how aggressive they are or their polocies and so forth, anything that will let us see into the race. If I find a good species that fits the Ares universe, I'll review it with our team at ASI and see about incorporating it into the new Ares for EVO game. Once things are cleared up, I'll send you an e-mail and let you know if we got your race in!


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You could E-mail me too, since I'm working on it with him. The two species I need specs on are Nijayias and Phylydion, since I want to put the Ring scenario into production.

" Throught their history, these 'unenlightened' beings have continually organized to opposed the injustices and attrocities committed by their bretheran in power. We, as the prophets, would do well to learn from these humans."
-Final statement of Salrilian reformist Sirthis before his execution.

The Phylydion are sort of in the Ares universe, but their ships, as I said before, are very dissimilar, as are their classes of ships. The Star Wars ship classes are closest to Phylydion ones.

Commander Cicion, commander of Phylydion Primary Armada

"Never tell me the odds!"
-Han Solo

Admiral: Just to clear things up, the species would be posted here so that we all could see them.
By the way, did you look at the reply I posted at your character request? There's a species I think worth pursuing. (the Duploi)

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Mmmmm. Axis software? I thought I had some sort of right to "Axis," eh? 😉

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"...they say that every five minutes someone dies in a car accident, but how often are there seven hundred and sixty one armless and legless corpses in one hangar?" - Terminal 2, Where are monsters in dreams, Marathon Infinity

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If you'd like a detailed description, head over to (url="http://"")http://www.AmbrosiaS...TML/000035.html(/url)


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Cantharan Order:
1. Very agressive
2. Democratic
3. Intelligent
4. Worship Science
5. Cruel
6. Green humanoid
7. Tall
8. Long legs
9. Persuasively powerful
10. Can not be persuaded
11. Fearless
What do you think?


Species: Duploi

A humanoid race with a sharp skeletal structure and soft skin. Bear a good resemblance to humans. Have telepathic, and (on occasion) telekinetic powers. Mostly a peaceful secluded species. Short, brown, hair is common and tend to have a stronger physical ability. Eyes tend to be able to dilate larger than most races, allowing them to see much better in the dark. A species often noted for unique engineering advances. Their homeworld had remained a lush, maintained paradise of sorts until the Gatori invaded and overtook the planet.

Their moon remains populated and technologically dominated. But without the ability to grow food or maintain an atmosphere, the Duploi have consistently tried to retake their planet. Some still remain their, but it's mostly a sad tale for most who do stay.

To anyone: Don't worry about what format you or anybody else uses. Just as long it descibes the species best.

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Could anybody please describe to me in detail who the Nijayia are (or however you spell it). Take some creative (albeit reasonable) liberties if you have to.

Tree: It would be nice if I could just email you what I think. 🙂

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Tree : Cantharans aren't green, their ships are.

Cantharans are what you get when you cross a crab with a human and add a lot of brains.

Sorry about your starship, Captain ga'Krüg, but as we say on Earth :
'C'est la vie'!

-Admiral Williams,
Shortly after the defeat of the 3rd Gaitori fleet.

The Zraé are a species of brutal aliens. They have two large fore feet and two smaller hind feet which branch off of the fore feet. Their arms work in a like manner with two large arms that hang off of their shoulders in an L shape with two smaller arms, one coming off of each arm near the right angle. Sometimes the smaller arms (more like large fingers) act as the other part of their hand when put to use beside the larger arms. Usually, a fully matured Zraé will wheigh 380 lbs and stand at a full 6 feet 8 inches. Have a broad snout shaped body which points out forwad toward the floor. Their face is usually always nearly completely covered in special protective gear which they wear into battle. Otherwise, it's an unsightly wreched face with deep black eyes. They secrete a goo which hardens on their brown exoskeleton.
The Zraé are an ellusive race that have, on occasion, cammanded other specie's task forces when it served them best, but have never fought under anyone except another Zraé. Due to the fact being that the only time anyone has ever witnessed a Zraé was in battle, not a whole lot is known about the specie's homeworld or politics.
Zraé commandeer foriegn specie's technology for use in their ever growing battle squads. A Zraé will usually be plated with protective gear and technological enchancements on thier fore legs, thier arms, thier backside, and thier head. They, however, have never used implants in thier bodies for some unknown religious reason.

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The Qzan inhabit a rouge star that is 50,000 light-years from our galaxy. They also inhabit the nearest star system to them that once belonged to the Gastipt, but there are no Garstipt left due to a mass genocide so the Qzan could hog all the resources (since there are close to no nearby star systems). The Qzan themselves resemble large earth squids, except that the tentacles are more spinal-cord like and each tentacle branches off at the end into three tentacles. Another difference from Earth squids is that the Qzan have five eyes, one in the center, two to the left, and two to the right. The evolution of the Qzan has resulted in a beak that is more flexible, to allow better speech. Almost all Qzan are fitted with cybernetic equipment as soon as they are released from the incubator.
Perhaps I should go into further detail of Qzan reproduction methods before I start with the cybernetics. Qzan no longer have the means of reproduction on their own, they reproduce now by collecting the best genetic material from each person male donor class (if available) and combine it. Then they insert it into a egg (also consisting of the best available genetic material from the Female donor class). Then the egg is put into an incubator machine that is filled with a nutrient rich liquid. And in five months, you have a full grown Qzan.
Almost as soon as this process is finished the Qzan gets many cybernetic attachments fitted onto them, including: millions of nano-bots (for organic material repair), exoskelutor enhancements (so the Qzan can function normally on higher G planets), and probably the most important device; the Mind-Socket. The Mind Socket is a device that interfaces with the Qzan brain, allowing for data input, and output (but the Qzan doesn't have to accept the data if "he" or "she" does not want to). This enhancement makes for extremely fast learning (full education takes about 2 and a half earth years!) which consists mainly of downloading information into ones mind, and field experience.
The Qzan are very technologically advanced (their fighter has a shield level of 2500 and has a 300 damaging weapon!!). They managed to take over the whole Garstipt system with 2 fighters and a battle cruiser! Even though there are no Qzan systems in the galaxy, there have been rumors of a few Qzan that roam around the Galaxy who were exiled from the Qzan system for protesting the genocide of the Garstipt. And each and everyone of these exiles have been rambling about how the rest of the Qzan are planning to take over this galaxy in a couple decades for its resources and how they will fight with everything they've got because its their religion. But very few people believe these nomads, which is too bad...

The Phylydion are a race that actually exist in the Star Wars universe. They created a dimensional rift and came into the Ares universe. They colonized several dozen planets and started moving ships through to take advantage of the new resources. They made a peace treaty with the Nijayia when the two races encountered each other. Physically, they are much like humans, except with three eyes, each of which are pure blue. They also have a slit on each side of their mouths inside of which are sensing tendrils which they can extract to examine something. They can cope with slightly lower but not as high temperatures as humans can. Most are very agile and quick but fairly weak in comparison. Only elite military Phylydions are almost as strong as humans. Phylydion ships are larger and less maneuverable than Ares ships in general, with the exception of some patrol and recon craft. Ship classifications are roughly equal to those in Star Wars, except for carriers. Phylydion microfighters are standard fast attack fighter craft, and are similar to TIEs in funcion and limits. The Phylydion government is controlled by the High Octicon, a council of eight Phylydion who are chosed by the Phylydion Senate each year to rule.

Commander Cicion, commander of Phylydion Primary Armada

"Never tell me the odds!"
-Han Solo


BAD carriers
OK gunships
BAD Fighters

Not that agressive, but ready to ally with anyone they percieve as good (aka humans, Ishimians, etc)

Obsessed with colonizing planets and defending them heavily
Bunker stations virtually impenetrable by means of rapid-fire LRPK cannons, cruiser bays, and flak.

Horrible at ground combat, due to their slowness, though their hands are ten-fingered each and very dextrous

Make extensive use of turreted weaponry and ship-mounted flak

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"There will be a day on Earth when a great evil will descend. This evil force will be called Ford Motor Company. It will set new standards: Lower than the fiery pit. By losing Volvo, Earth is vulnerable. And then, it will be time to attack."

-Nokis, Salrilian Prophet

Dark red ships, somewhat like Alien Cruiser of EV; utilize napalm cannons and other like flamethrowers. If possible, minor damage will be inflicted after actual shot. Hera qualities will allow this, so, they have very little shields, but if the shields are less than 25%, heavy armor will kick in, forming their greatest protection. Their ships are also highly maneuverable, fast but with slow hyperdrives, idealized for hyperbombing. Anything more powerful than a HVCruiser is worthless (Discounting of course the carrier which can launch fighters) With NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS, only the carrier and the HVD, all ships are armed with one or two flamethrowers. Therefore, fighters are half as good an gunships and cruisers are better.

Once caalaklael, now Pallas Athene
Athena, daughter and favorite of Zeus, half sister of Ares, goddess of wisdom and war


When the patriarchy was overthrown on Salril during the revolution and the oracular net was set up, the Patriarch and his supporters were banished to the small world of Meyer in the N-36 system (somewhere near Grolk space).

This world had such a hostile enviroment and such a vicious layered ecosystem, that the exilees evolved very rapidly over the next couple thousand years to the point where they are barely reckognizable as descendants of the Salrilian Genus.

Their tiny hooked teeth can pierce glass, their exoskeleten can reflect most phonic energies (ie: lasers), and their multiple probosci are so dexterous, that they have built their own advanced civilisation within several thousand generations (50 yrs.). Their intelligence is unsurpassed and their physical strengths are impressive. They could quite easily beat the Central Audemedon Consciousness at chess, if they ever ventured out of their own system.

While their ships are inferior, they are the strongest and most efficient troopers, capable of moving at great speeds to outflank and utterly destroy the enemy. Their space battle strategy is unique in the way that they destroy capital starships by launching hundreds of EVA troops into their general directions, overwhelming the enemy ships.

Someday they might venture out of their system, but their patriarical beurocracy has foiled any attempts to do so.

I do not suffer from insanity
I enjoy every minute of it

-Cantharan Admiral za'Grom
After the capture of Earth


1.Excellent troopers.
2.High tech
Everything else:Excellent
Neutrokinetic beams:50dmg
Ga'tre pulse:900dmg
Ool'a beam:100dmg
4.Actually from M31
5.Jump fast enough to avoid even the fastest weapons

Take that! 😛