Salrillian Battle

"Attention Salrillian Task Force Alpha. Prepare to drop from superlight speed"
"Roger, Decimator. Alpha Wing ready to disengage."
"Roger, Decimator. Beta Wing ready to disengage."
"Roger, Decimator. Ceta Wing ready to disengage."
"On my mark. 5,4,3,2,1, mark!"
"Gunner, shields up, weapons ready."
"Shields up, weapons ready."
"All wings, cloak"
"Alpha, Beta, surround that pitiful human outpost. Ceta, prepare your assault transport and move in."


As the resiliant grey ships jumped into the system, the spectators watched as one by one all of the fleet vanished. Seconds later, a barrage of hypergenic flares began impact the sides of the station. Explosions resounded through the hull of the base.

"Arm the Defense Generator! Quick! Get handarms distributed!"
"Aye si-"
Another missle slammed into the station sending an array of debris flying through the air. Shards pelted the young officer's back sending him uncounsious.
A giant ramp smashed the floor and suddenly squads of alien soilders rushed through the wall.
"DIE!" Yelled the cammanding officer. Grabbing a nearby shard, he ran it through the alien's arm sending the handgun flying in the air. He quickly grabbed it and ruthlessly began blasting body parts. Fighting with a wild craze, he ran straight into the middle of the breach and continued to wreck havoc. In a split second, a long projectile arm came running out the front of his chest. The alien behind slowly lifted him up into the air and laughed in a deep overwhelming tone.
In a fight of defiance the cammanding officer screamed at the top of his lungs "Never Surrender!"
The alien threw him through the air hitting a blast panel on the other side of the room. The aliens continued on their rampage.

Axis Software-

  1. There are only 2 Ls in Salrilian
  2. Salrilians don't have arms. They are slugs.

Sorry about your starship, Captain ga'Krüg, but as we say on Earth :
'C'est la vie'!

-Admiral Williams,
Shortly after the defeat of the 3rd Gaitori fleet.

Tree watched in horror as Commander Sash was flung to the wall by the Zraé. Tree leaped forward, running to die in defiance as his commander did. A tremor ran through the station sending Tree falling down backwards. He came to a scraping halt just behind a large boulder where several of his comrads were huddled.
"Nice of you to join us leu-"
A few Plasma bolts fly threw the air above them making the lasts few words unrecognizable.
"How many can you take?"
"Three here."
"Uh... maybe five..."
Tree eyed the men and furiously broke in "Fifty. I'll take out fifty of those guys right now!"
He began to get up, but on of the men quickly jerked him down. "Are you crazy!? Not even Commander Sash would do tha-"
"Sash is Dead!"
Sudden exclamations of astonishment came from these young officers.
"Look. Sash is dead, that makes me the commanding officer here. So I say we -"
"What about the Defense Generator?"
Tree glared at the cadet with suspicion. "What do you mean. That kill us ALL!"
"Well... no not exactly. I've got a plan..."

Meanwhile, outside the station the Salrilian fleet dashed around the space station. Hypergetic Trios of ammunition pelted the hull. A cluster of explosions detonated on the forward wing of the station blowing a hole clear through the other side. Tons of industrialized machinery became scrap metal in seconds.
"This is Alpha wing. Ceta wing come in."
"Ceta wing here. We have secured a foothold in the human base. Requesting orders."
"Proceed with confiscation of technology."
"Beta wing seconding that. You may proceed."
A couple salrilian fighters began flying in and out of the hole dropping charges into the station's inner cavity. The station was in chaos.

Tree: I hope you don't mind the character. In fact, I hope you'll take to him.
Anyway, the aliens boarding were Zraé not Salrilian, slug. Take a look at "Galaxy Conference" if you're curious as to what they are.

Axis Software-

U guys are dorks

Last night, I played a blank tape at full blast.
The mime next door went nuts.

"What is it, General. I'm busy."
"Admiral, we have captured the station."
"Good, now we can continue with our plans. You may proceed to capture Aeneas Alpha."

"Salrilian Task Force Alpha. Prepare for jumpgate. Target Aeneas Alpha."
"Ready, sir."

As the fleet entered the jumpgate, the citizens of Aeneas Alpha were completely unaware of what lay before them.....


I think of them as the earthworm jim level "jim is now a blind cave salamander".

Really, that is what they look like.

And for somereason, everytime I see a post by you, slug, I expect for you to say "poot!" somewhere in it.

"These are my terms, abide by them or drink vacuum."-Tycho


Originally posted by Cotton Mouse:
**I think of them as the earthworm jim level "jim is now a blind cave salamander".

Really, that is what they look like.

And for somereason, everytime I see a post by you, slug, I expect for you to say "poot!" somewhere in it.

forget about slug. he left the board a long time ago. besides, this isn't quite the area to say this.

Well, gao'Tchu, as I see it you have two options here:
a) Retreat and live another day or
🆒 Attack my ships.
I hear that space is awfully cold; you wouldn't like it.

-Commodore Ambrose
Shortly before his victory at the Ga'eitor System

"Exit jumpgate. Attack Aeneas Alpha first. Then go for Beta. Alpha wing, destroy those cruisers before they ruin our plans."
"Roger Decimator."

"Sir! Enemy cruisers off the port stern!"
"Raise our shiel-"

"We've lost the carrier, sir!"
"Raise the shields! Charge the weapons!"
"Sir, somethings jamming us! The shields are not working."
"Salrilians on the internal scanners! We're being boarded!"

"Ceta, send out your transports."
"Transports deployed."
"Commencing landing procedure."
"We are in complete control of the system now."
"Inform the ruling council. The pathway to Ishima is now clear of enemy forces."
"Proceed to Ishima."
"Jumpgate engaged!"