Exar is back

Hello everyone most people here probablly wont remember me but I played ares alot when the game was licenced under ambrosia. Just would like to say hi and see if my skills are still up to speed.



Welcome back, Exar-Kun. Your name is familiar, if not your playing style.

I'm also an old-timer, so let me warn you: Some of these "Newbies" will eat your HVD for breakfast and then snack on your carriers.

They don't make 'em like they used to 🙂

Catch you round.

Sundered Angel ,
The One and Only

Exar, your name is familiar... But I've never played you, just seen you on the old board.

Look for me on GR. IN fact, everyone look for me on GR, I need to play some community members, not just those newbies on GR.


Exar Kun is a traitor!!!!

Wow, bet you didn't think that one would come back and bite you in the ass, did you?

heh, most of the oldies like me are probably all gone anyone, noone but a few would remember.

If garm were still here, he'd have my ass on a platter for that grammer.


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