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Perhaps I should have been more specific about several things when I introduced this contest. First of all, my decision will be completely unbiased as the information provided with each entry will determine that for me. THIS IS NOT A SURVEY! Second, I WILL IGNORE ANY FURTHER GATESHIP ENTRIES! IT IS CLEAR THEY ARE THE MOST POWERFUL AND MAKE THE CONTEST POINTLESS! NORMAL SHIPS ONLY!!. Third, I don't care what other people are doing on the same subject as this contest. This is my personal endeavor and I don't care about other people's contests. I hope this clears up some of your questions.

Make 7up Yours!!!!

You still leave the questions unanswered:

- How do contest entries submitted by humans (who are all biased by nature) make this process unbiased?

- Why is this not a survey?

- Since a survey's definition is the gathering of opinions and personal data, and you claim this is not a survey, then what ARE you doing?

- If this is a contest (???), what determines the winner? Usually contest winners are human, so who will the winner be? A ship?!

Which brings up new questions:

- Why are you doing this?

- What do you intend to use the results for?

- How old are you?

- Were you paying attention in English class, or did you just have a lousy teacher?

The reason why I make this crack at your age is that your definitions are confused and your writing leaves much to be desired in the way of content and eloquence. If you want to clear something out, give us ALL the data, and state it clearly.

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Stow it, Aithon. This kid's pretty new to Ares. He doesn't even have it yet. This is a quite impressive post considering his Ares status. If you're just going to blast away like this, save it for the trash talk forum. He happens to be a good friend of mine. It seems I may be his only friend on the board for quite a while.

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