My Character

I am a Salrilian General of a carrier known as the "Hell's Hammer" along with a small gunship fleet. My carrier has been heavily modified to suit my needs. My original mission in this craft was to attack and conquer a small solar system but instead I left the system all together and decided to explore the universe in search of planets to conquer in my name. I managed to convince all of the other members of my fleet to come with me and I now have my own little army. I am in currently in control of three planets and my control is slowly spreading. I will accept any challenges and look forward to getting to know you all better.

Make 7up Yours!!!!

Well, you finally joined the board. I must express my distaste at your choice of names, though.

Commander Cicion, commander of Phylydion Primary Armada

"Never tell me the odds!"
-Han Solo

I am a Salrilian ex-Spy who rebelled up against the Oracular Net Conscious. Unfortunately, my own government was unaware of the conscious' existance and fought against me.

I am now the Commander of a tiny rebel fleet, led by my ship, the S.R.C. Goth.
A few weeks ago, my ship was specially modified by the Consciousness itself.
7up, meet me in the Visigoth Asteroid Belt. I will atomize your "fleet" (haha!)

-Slug (Commander of the 2nd Rebel Salrilian Fleet)

In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace.
In denying it, one finds hope.

-Last words of Admiral Williams before the fall of Earth.

Well la-dee-****in'-da!

I see I have more of this "bio" bilge to put up with...


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