Cheats? Secret Levels?

I have heard several people talking about cheats and three secret levels. Please let me know if you can help.

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they are all accesible with res-edit. you have to change a line of the hex to give you the extra missions. I dont remember which line, but it gives you all the net levels, most of which crash the computer, as well as the original training mission "moons for goons" and space race, the musical. There are also extra ships -- ishiman schooner
ishiman escort
'fat gold ship' 😉

ask someone else for the cheats, you probably have the other version than I do, different cheats.

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How do you get the schooner? Do you just change the sprites? Or is there actually a ship in the game called the ishiman schooner? If so, where do you get it?

I think that you can find this stuff out on the Axis website ( It's great. Everyone should see it.

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Indeed. Relevant page: (url="http://"")http://www.axis.n3.n...c/seclevel.html(/url). Enjoy.

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Pax that link is bad. Go to (url="http://"")

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The Warps.

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Is there any way to get all build options on any level?


Xwarp wrote:
**Pax that link is bad. Go to

That link is bad because Pax put the peirod in the link. dlete the peirod at the end, and it will be golden.

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How do you get the extra ships? It's not on Axis.

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