Questions on Ambrosia

These'd be for you, andrew, or whoever else can answer them
Does Ambrosia have stock?
If so, how much is it worth and hows it doing?
Where is Ambrosia based?
How many people do you employ, and how so you go about getting a job?
What is the gross anual earning of Ambrosia?
Just wondering where my $s going, how you guys are doing, and entertaining the idea of working for you.

I think Ambrosia is a -little- 🙂 too small to have stock.

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Ambrosia is a privately held S - Type corporation. No stock.
We're based in Rochester NY 😉
There are 7 full time and one part time employee right now.
In order to get a job you need to have many unique and original talents, most of which can't be discussed in a public forum.
As an S - Type corporation, Ambrosia's earnings are a private matter. We make enough to keep us in corn flakes though ;-), and feed Hector.