Firelizard wins 1/21 Tourney

I must say, it wasn't a bad tourney.

To cut straight to the chase, Firelizard and I ended up in the final round. He beat me at Auds Rock, but I was winning over him at Ishiman Rock. That game, however, met a unconclusive end. In fact, after that game I froze three times over, and by the time I got back, Firelizard was gone. But, I must forfeit this tourney over him for several reasons. First of all, he won the first game, and there was still room for him to win the second. Second of all, I won last week's tourney and fame, so I think I will yield to Firelizard this tourney. Lastly, my crashes were annoying (to say the least) and I think he deserves a medal for sitting at GR while my comp was restarting. So, Firelizard wins by default, and I must say I hope to have all the problems sorted out by next week ;).

Keep an eye out for future tourney reg. posts and low flying HVDs. 😛

-Vegeta <>

Thanks for saying I won and all. But you still might have won game 2. We should rematch, if for no other reason than for fun. Also, I thank everyone else for coming, especially my other two worthy opponents, Bob (ska sucks) 🙂 and Pax.

"Cap'n Hector Robbed The Bank!"

-Dash Riprock

-Starseeker Commlog

Hey! Sorry for missing the torney. I would've really liked to have come. My computer crashed about 8:15 PM. :frown: Then, I started it up, and it wouldn't connect to the internet! I have a cable modem, so I need a steady IP address for it to work. One of the things that Mediaone recongnises you by is your IP. Well, my IP was screwed up, so I couldn't go on the internet! Tech support was going to be an hour or two, and the torney was coming up fast! I tried everything, but then the torney was well into the middle, so I gave up 'till later. In the morning, I woke up the computer from it's sleep, and my IP was back to normal again! So, sorry I missed the torney. Hmm, sounded exciting. Wish I could've come... Well, see you at the next torney!

I come, I go; You'll never know...

-Admiral Dennis