The Ishiman Zone is here!

I'm back! 🙂

I have set up an Ares forum on Delphi. If any of you have Delphi accounts or are willing to create them, you can make use of the chat feature or use it's message board (which still has topics). It is located at: ""

I'll moderate it for now, but if Admiral Grammaticus or Andrew or anyone else wants to take over, e-mail me and I'll probably let you.


*** 8 Lightnings - Point at Confed Frigate and hit 'F' to destroy

I'm just posting this to get this message back up to the top because only Admiral Dennis seems to be paying me any attention! Is this appropriate behaviour in front of a Vice Admiral? Maybe if Darkk's back he'll reply... He replies to everything!

===8 Lightnings just received a promotion and some better ships. Confed Lovers watch out!===

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I do not!!!
PS I got a promotion too :)!

Commander-in-Chief of the Nijayias Interstellar Navy.

Whatever happened to working one's way up? These days, all these upstarts assume they are worthly of Admirality.


Pax Drew Harry
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" They](<br />
<br />
) say that every five minutes someone dies in a car accident, but how often are there seven hundred and sixty one armless and legless corpses in one hangar?" - Terminal 2, Where are monsters in dreams, Marathon Infinity

I agree, I have yet to claim any rank and I have not tried to post use-less messages to bost my "rank". Since it is all for fun, why cheat?
Pax, we need to take more of a stand against this type of Rif-raf, they are like those who ruined the E.V board.