Rules for posting to the EV Nova Add-ons Directory

We ask that you include your e-mail address in the description of your file; we won't post this for the public to see, but we need it in case there's something wrong with the file, or if we need to verify your ownership of the material. (If you would like players of your plug-in to be able to contact you, be sure to include your e-mail address with your plug-in or mention your forum username in your description.) We will not post any files uploaded without an e-mail address in the description.

Please make your description clear and concise, and proofread to check your spelling and grammar; this makes the directory easier for everyone to use, and also makes it more likely that people will download your plug-in, since they can can see what it does.

Keep in mind that while the Macintosh and Windows versions of EV Nova use different file formats, most plug-ins can be easily converted between the two types, so please do not call your plug-in 'Macintosh only' or 'Windows only' unless you know through testing that it genuinely is so limited. Also, it is usually unnecessary to upload separate Macintosh and Windows versions of your plug-in.

Follow the recommendations in Zacha Pedro's guide when compressing your archive, to making your plug-in easily accessible to both Macintosh and Windows users. Please test your compressed file before you upload it, to make sure that you can decompress it and that the results are what you expect.

Do not, under any circumstances, use anyone else's original work in your plug-in without their permission. Apart from being against the rules of this site, such theft of intellectual property is also highly illegal.

-- Cleindori and David Arthur