My Continuing Quest

to find minor, easily correctible problems, that really only bother me

This thread exists to compile minor problems, along with their associated solutions if available, that almost no one notices but which still detract from the game in some small way.

Obviously the inspiration for this thread is my post on the problems with the öops resource which can be found here along with a potential solution.

The first addition is not quite new as it was originally stated by Azratax2 here; but it summarizes as the fact that cröns 184, 185 and 192 do not terminate as they should due to errors in how cröns are coded. The real problem though is not that those cröns are sitting in the debuglog racking up evermore negative duration counter’s but that they seem to be interfering with the news cycle. Once these cröns hit they seem to stuff the halovid with the same stories and impede the progression of others.

The solution given here separates out the cröns into their component parts creating a set of 6 cröns, the originals modified to function correctly and a set of acting post-holdoff counters that together create the effect originally intended. This allows a much more natural progression of news stories later in the game.

If you have any small issues that bother you that you would like to contribute please feel free.